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Possible Clue to Whereabouts of Fascist Spammers

Note the times of the most recent right-wing spams on the newswire-4:00-5:00 A.M.-are we being spammed from the east coast(7:00-8:00A.M.there)?
Do these trolls REALLY stay up all night just to spam Portland Indymedia with hatemonger crap? Or is this spam coming from another timezone? I see now, in addition to race-baiting, the trolls are also resorting to misogyny. Just how evil and ugly are they?

Keep monitoring their posts and try to get as much info about them as you can.
Ignore them and they will leave! 09.Oct.2002 09:12


I gurantee you that if you ignore these losers, they will eventually get bored and troll to another site.

They feed off the attention they get by the lies they post here.

Everytime one of you reacts to one of their nonsensical propaganda filled rhetoric, you give them the attention they seek so desperately.

Think about it, why would you come to an alternative media site and spew corporate media lies?

Answer: You have no life.

The only way these pathetic posers of intelect will go away is to ignore them. (regardless of the quality of their mullets!)

hey StevetheGreen 09.Oct.2002 09:25


you are right, but how do we actually get people to do so? and what about the new users who don't know that they are being baited?

either way, its all true they do it because they have nothing better to do in real life.

Agree 09.Oct.2002 09:30


StevetheGreen I concur with you totally. The same logic applies to the Bush Admirer Freak. If we ignore them they will go away but if we play into their hand they are here to stay. The last thing we want to give to these demented souls are encouragement or acknowledgement. It is very hard and boring to argue with oneself. For myself I shun assholes.

Ignore Moi? 09.Oct.2002 10:13

Lamet Vali

Try as you may, you will prove unable to ignore me, the true Lamet Vali, lover of many women and noted author. Others have tried and found only failure. I am a force to be rekoned with and it is beyond the abilities of you lazy hippies to ignore the truth in what I say. FACT!

Why should they leave? 09.Oct.2002 10:15


While I agree that it might not be wise to respond to a story which is clearly baiting, I also feel that we should not be so quick to denounce alternate opinions as "spam". I also think we should not be so quick to wish them away. Part of what I love about IndyMedia is the ease at which people can post to the NewsWire.

Anyway, I may be the only one who feels this way, but what the heck!

Could only be one 09.Oct.2002 10:43


It's probably only one using different names to make it sound more like popular opinion and not the act of a lone nut. Don't you think so Stan?

Yeah. You get ashamed to show your face after a while under a particular name because people stop reading it. Gordon, what do you think.

Yup, ah well, them there peace protesters ain't too hard to fool.

There is a big difference! 09.Oct.2002 10:47


Migrane boy-

There is a very huge difference between welcoming alternative viewpoints and responding to the obvious motives of the "known trolls" here.

If people (I use that term loosely) like Lame valet and Bush admirer were truely interested in only providing an alternative view, they would take a much different tact.
This SHOULD be obvious.

They do not attempt to engage in productive dialog.
They spew their hate filled rhetoric of half truths and lies of ommision and then they run from the topic when they are challenged.

There are plenty of people who contribute to Indymedia who subscribe to the notions propagated by the corporate media.
They are thoughtful and responsible and ask very good questions while providing sources and references that back up their views.

That is not what we are talking about.

They aren't all teenage boys. 09.Oct.2002 10:47


I recall at least one post slandering local lawyer and activist Alan Graf that used very detailed information leading me to theorize some of the posters are not just ignorant baiters but rather knowledgeable sabetuers (or pranksters?). Still, I guess ignoring them is best. I don't know that we can effectively trace them down the way Anti-Fascist suggests because they can always be a step ahead.

Who Said What About Alan Graf? 09.Oct.2002 11:17

AG Admirer

What?Someeone said something derogatory about Alan Graf?Them there are fighting words.Ilove Alan he is my hero.

think 09.Oct.2002 12:27


can someone make you angry, or do you allow yourself to get angry at others?

it's sort of 'sad' to see supposed social darwinist posting comments but hey, even these seemingly heartless bastards (IMO) should have the freedom to display their hatred of Life.

..oh and hi Lame Vali.

The Trolls are attempting a bloodless coup 09.Oct.2002 18:07


You may recall earlier posts of mine about the decaying state of IMC Palestine. Well, it's rotten to the core thanks to the tireless trolls -- the site has become a defacto branch of the Vanguard News Network.

I have seen how those who worked to soil IMC-P begun a fresh campaign at IMC-San Francisco and I have read the editorial staff's comments about what has been happening here in Portland.

I implore you to spend just ten minutes at IMC-P to see how much of a mistake it is to ignore hatred when it is this continuous and virulent.

hate is good...hate works 09.Oct.2002 23:28

Bush Admirer

Free your hate. It feels good, huh? Know that the hate you feel toward "Fascist Trolls" is the same hate that YOUR president feels for Saddam Hussein. The same hate that is fueling the Israeli/Palestinian tit-for-tat murders. Yes, censor us. You know you want to. The similaities between the far right and far left are astounding. Crusties in balaclavas remind me of the klan. Cowards unwilling to show their faces.

Well you are right.. sort of 10.Oct.2002 09:18

The Goat

Well you may be right about the time frame that us "Spammers" you call us are on between 4-5, but it is not because we stay up all night, it is just because we get up early to GO TO WORK
you know what work is...
you see other people go

By the way I find it interesting that you call us fascist when this site is dominted by mindless terrorist symphysers and Hitler apoligists...
Sorry Arafat apologists
I get those confused

You know what they say about anti-semites
They all look alike