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10-07-2007 I found this diary lying next to a corpse today. Here are some excerpts (oh, by the way, this message is being sent back to you from the future...wooooooooooo!!!!):
10-06-2002 We're so busy today admiring Bush that we can barely see straight to drive around our cars. It is terrible, and yet surprisingly wonderful. I had to walk to work today because I could not drive. I felt empowered, and--NO, I mean, uh...I felt...oh, I don't know how I felt. I'm so confused. I need a bath, I haven't showered in days, I've been up for three, my cat left me, my daughter sent me a mail-bomb...

10-06-2003 Today was so depressing. There were even more explosions today than yesterday. Three banks and one mall. And it was my favorite mall! I've been walking and biking so much lately, I can't even remember how to drive. It's all from admiring Bush so much, I guess. But he's still the MAN!

10-06-2004 I found some hippie scumbags rooting through the dumpster at my store today. So, I shot them, and put their bodies IN THE DUMPSTER! HA HA, how bout that? Kinda ironic, huh? I can't wait till their friends happen by and find them in there! Some little punk saw me, but I'm not afraid of those pinko anarchists. Even if there were 30,000 of them marching through the streets a week ago, and even if they did torch every GAP store in Portland and kill several riot cops, I'm not scared, cuz I got my good old smith & wesson to protect me.

10-07-2005 All my neighbors keep talking to me about "desire" and "community-building". Even after the last time, when I filled their asses with buckshot! 'Arm THIS desire, cocksuckers!' They come up on my porch, all smiling and "howdyado", and then start rambling on about being a "community" and wanting to start "bringing people together"... I sez: "If people was meant to be joined together, theyd've been BORN that way..."

10-06-2006 I've bought all the guns that I'm allowed to have by law. That Democratic bastard President of ours has got some good ideas, but that gun-control thing sure wasn't one of them. I did, however, LOVE the one about establishing military zones around all major cities. The curfew for Portland was good, too. Got to thank our Democrat Mayor for that one. They ain't all bad, I guess... Anyway, I got all the guns cuz these anarchists (well, THEY call themselves 'anti-authoritarians', but a stinkin hippie by any other name is still a stinkin hippie...) are gettin pretty brazen these days... They blew up City Hall yesterday, with God-Blessed Cheif Kroeker in it! And last week, they set fire to every cop car that was parked out on the street in Southwest! Things are gettin pretty hairy, but I know God's on our side.

10-06-2007 I saw a beaurocrat hung by somebody's entrails from a lamp-post today. As I walked by, I saw a group of stinking hippies working in one of those pathetic so-called "community gardens" they made by ripping up the asphalt out of the street about a year ago. The troops just don't seem to have any control any more. I'm gonna get my gun and show those punks a thing or to...
Very imaginative 06.Oct.2002 06:56

Bush Admirer

Very imaginative. When do you turn 15?

heh 06.Oct.2002 07:54


hey shurb admirer..you keep a diary then?..wonder what it will contain in 2005?..oh the irony of it, could almost think that it could be from the future....

Hey BU$h troll! 06.Oct.2002 09:07

The Violet Zali

when did YOU turn 15? I swear your ramblings are as disingenuous and vapid as a teen high on TV. After reading your forgetable and annoying comments I thought for sure that you were a bored teen with nothing to do, no real philosophy and an axe to grind with whoever seemed easy.

if you AREN'T 15 it just makes it all the worse and I am totally serious.

Having different opinions than those of this board is one thing.

Wasting your time annoying people with contrary and useless comments so you can feel like you are doing something is QUITE another.

Lets take a look at your activities and at the same time the activities of other trolls on this board such as the joke TRILOX.

-No one is going to be swayed by your comments and you are well aware of this. Convincing people of your sketchy beliefs is not your goal.

-No one thinks you are funny. This has GOT to be obvious even to you. Amusing people with satire or parody is not you goal.

-You aren't posting defined ideas backed up with outside sources for your posts. Information exchange is not your interest.

so what is you "goal" here? Now, I don't want to sound like an armchair shrink but, here you go:

You really ARE 15 or are trapped in the brain of a 15 year old. YOU LIKE TO BOTHER PEOpLE bacause you think it's funny. It is a rush to flame people who are passionate about what they do because it elicits passionate responses. Its kind of like ATTENTION ....that no one gives you in REAL LIFE.

I don't even really think you would have to BE a BUSH ADMIRER to do what you do. It's like pretending to be a satanist and going to a christian board and spamming them with porn. This, however, is not to say that you are not really a BUSH ADMIRER. I am sure you are well entrenched in you in your beliefs not unlike a happy little puppet.

So to recap: You come here not for any genuine purpose other than the genuine need for some sort of stimulation or for people to notice you INSTEAD OF ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING. You don't care if people like you. Only you can reveal the CAUSE of this anti-social kick you are on.

anyway, what DID you do today? Hmm?

Hey Violent Lazi 06.Oct.2002 12:11


wah wah wah!!!!!!!!

Violet Zali?? (grin) 06.Oct.2002 16:38

Bush Admirer

When was your last bath Violet? Do you remember? I doubt it.

This Indymedia.org thing is just entertainment.

Of course it should be renamed losers.org. Better yet, losers.com. This anti American web site should not be tax exempt. No way!

I find it interesting to check out this site. It's about like having being able to watch a Hell's Angels meeting on a webcam. Interesting to look in on the wierdos.

HEY troll! 06.Oct.2002 21:56

by The Violet Zali

your inability to make an actual comment helps prove my point. when did I take a bath? uh, yeah. Is that all you got? COME ON you can do better than that.

if it weren't for that annoying buzzing sound coming in the form of "commentary" I would swear you didn't exist.