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Thousands Gather at Protest Today!

It was intense! The banners, the vibes and the peace!
Thousands of limp wristed PC Portland hypocrites marched today against the United States Governments impending action to protect them and their country from terrorists.

Of course later on in the evening they all got into their fossil fuel burning Volvos and blue-oil smoking VW vans and went back home to their cozy Craftsman style homes which were built from old growth trees and then they consumed a hardy dinner of regurgatated spirulina cakes, organic flaxseed muffins and tepid fermented soy milk. Needless to say, they all felt so good about their good deeds that they all decided to give in to their hedonistic needs and smoke large amounts of green bud.
Actually Trilox 05.Oct.2002 19:04


I went to the gun range and did a little practice shooting, it is a sport you know, and then worked out. Tonight I will have chicken soup for dinner, leftovers.

You are the minority, ace. Your boss just hasn't told you so yet.

25 years of my life has been dedicated to martial arts, and I guarantee you I will outlast you with my good health by a long ways.

It make make you feel good to imagine you opposition to be " limp wristed ", but I guarantee you the reality would keep you up nights.

Now you can read this, get mad, go back to your porn, eat you McDonalds and enjoy your cancer.

I feel good today. I wish you did.

Why did you go to THAT march??? 05.Oct.2002 19:22

Den Mark

Why would you have gone to THAT march, when a vigorous march of some 10,000 honest intelligent citizens was going on today. Oh, well. "To each his own", as the cliche goes. The march i hooked up with was energizing & educational & got the attention it needed to get. There is much work to be done, to achieve Justice, & we all know that, but it was important to march, as part of that work, so we did, & we will again. You should have joined us. Now, back to the less visible work of taking back government from slime.

you missed out! 05.Oct.2002 19:57

lady liberty in shackles

hey trilox,

you definitely missed out on a great demonstration! they say there were 12,000 of us out there! how exciting and moving is THAT?

my S.O. and i were both there, in full costume. S.O. had a great time playing the role of the money grubbing, coke snorting, political pimp georgie bush jr., while i enjoyed myself as the much abused lady liberty. i donned shackles round my limp wrists, of course!

this was my seven year old's first protest, and what a great experience it was for him! he got to wear his favorite set of rainbow colored horns, saw a few friends from school there, enjoyed the drumming and marching and protest chants. in fact, he's downstairs watching the video footage we took and STILL chanting anti-war slogans along with the protestors. :) so great!

trilox, do you suppose you could get 12,000 energetic, aware bush supporters into the streets of portland to demonstrate their love for your dirty imperialist ruler and this war he is crying for?

i would personally be amazed if you could get half as many supporters into the streets for your cause.

Thats a good one... 05.Oct.2002 21:54


"i would personally be amazed if you could get half as many supporters into the streets for your cause."

You must be forgetting that you are the minority and don't even represent a fraction of a percent. I'm sure once one you lose a friend or relative in the next wave of attacks that are sure to come from the Islamafascists then you'll change your tune. You are only against the 10 year war on terrorism because nobody has brought it home to you yet.

I hope you keep thinking about flocks of doves when the festering smallpox sores cover your daughters body and the doctors are picking nails and chuncks of rat poison out of your flesh from the Islamic suicide bombers that are sure to show up on our soil soon...

loved your outfit 05.Oct.2002 23:33

was there treeclimberhanna@aol.com

hey lady liberty i saw your outfits you looked great

help yourself 05.Oct.2002 23:45

lady liberty in shackles

here trilox, chew on this.

1. people opposed to the war effort represent quite a bit more than "a fraction of a percent". any sort of mainstream statistics can illustrate that for you.

2. my reasons for opposing the "war on terrorism" are much deeper than what you suggest. you see trilox, i am fully aware of the ENTIRE picture....and i am referring to the actions of the U.S. abroad, our OWN terrorism, that which is MUCH more profound than anything brought to our shores by bin laden (family friend of the bushes, you know) and the other assorted terrorist organizations. THE U.S. IS THE BIGGEST BULLY OF ALL. that is reality.

3. when terrorism does hit home, it most certainly hurts me and those i love. what really hurts is that i understand WHY it is being brought to us. and that is directly attributed to our OWN stinking government. this is a government which wages war against its own people. a government entirely corrupt and chock full of criminals and liars. a government poisoned by greed and every single -ism in the book. a government interested in stockpiling ridiculous amounts of weaponry, FAR more than ever should be required to destroy the entire planet, mind you... instead of caring for its own people. a government more concerned with corporate welfare than making sure its people have food, shelter, and medicine. i haven't even mentioned all the senseless murders our FINE government has enacted IN OUR NAMES, WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS, AGAINST OUR WILL. gee, and what about all the secrets and the lies, the cover-ups, the fuck ups...the list of 'problems' could roll on and on for ages...

4. i am not disillusioned with thoughts of doves and the like. i am interested in upheaval, revolution, and ultimately, CHANGE.

so trilox, once again, i challenge YOU to organize your republican right wingers and take to the streets! let us SEE your dedication and support for this war and this regime! stop talking all this crap on the internet and DO SOMETHING, put your money where your mouth is, so to speak...

hey treeclimberhanna... 05.Oct.2002 23:53

lady liberty in shackles

thanks for the support, both here in cyberspace and downtown today.

we had a blast! hope your day was equally as fabulous.