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Tell the Senate NO WAR IN IRAQ (Contact information inside!)

Right now the Senate is debating whether to go to war with Iraq. Your Senators need to hear from you! Tell them RIGHT NOW that they should oppose renewed fighting with Iraq! Details within.
At the October 5 demonstration, several announcements were made asking people to contact Sen. Robert Byrd (D, WV) in support of a fillibuster of the resolution giving Bush the power to renew fighting with Iraq.

Unfortunately, Sen. Byrd's voice mail is full right now. However, you
can still voice your opposition to a war with Iraq (and your support for
a fillibuster) by contacting Senators Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith!

You can reach Senator Ron Wyden at 1-800-839-5276. Ask for Ron Wyden's office and be sure to include your NAME AND ADDRESS in the message.

You should also call Senator Gordon Smith, but his main voice mail box
is full right now .. so you'll have to call one of his branch offices:

(503)326-3386 (Portland -- full, but try on Monday morning)
(541)465-6750 (Eugene)
(541)278-1129 (Pendleton)
(541)608-9102 (Medford)
(541)318-1298 (Bend)

Don't be shy about leaving a message .. a full voice mail box is a happy voice mail box!

I would also recommend emailing them using their forms:

Faxes are also a huge attention-grabber:
Gordon Smith: (202)228-3997 or (503)326-2900
Wyden: 202 228 2717

Be sure to include your NAME AND ADDRESS and the words NO WAR WITH IRAQ in all faxes and emails!

PLEASE pass this on! Thanks!

(Note: this is a repeat. I think this is important enough to have a catchier headline. Or maybe it's egotism on my part :).)
Kennedy also might help against immediate war 05.Oct.2002 19:03

Steven Eliott Myers stevenonmars@aol.com

When I listened to the discussion on the senate floor, it seemed that Edward M. Kennedy also had a strong position against Bush. Please let him know if you support this.


pals are dying now, if war starts..genocide 05.Oct.2002 20:51

citizen7 rcplank@ameritech.net

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pals are dying now, if war starts..genocide
pals are dying now, if war starts..genocide