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Satanic Death Cult Discovered!

The original Satanic Death Cult show its ugly face...
Pure and simple this supposed "religion" called Islam is in fact nothing more than the original form of Satanism which was designed to corrupt and deceive the minds of all humans and then capture their very souls with its messages of perversion and evil. If you take the time to read this ancient Satanic Bible which is now mistakenly called the Koran (roughly translated to mean "readings") you will see that it is not a "peaceful religion" as the liberal communist American haters would lead you to believe. Instead, it is nothing more than the rantings of a psychopathic messanger sent from the netherworlds to spread evil thoughts upon the earth.

In fact, this supposed Prophet Mohammed was nothing more than a demon possessed pedophile sent from the very darkest pits of Hell by the dark lord Satan to deliver this blasphemous book and spread its lies. These purported "revalations" from Allah to the Prophet Mohammed are actually nothing more than Satan's blueprint to gain control over the souls of all innocent human beings so that he may force them into a downward spiral of degradation and sin which will ultimately result in an everlasting visit to the deepest pits of hellfire where locusts and skin worms will consume their flesh for eternity.

The final battle between the forces of good and evil has already begun and the power of good will prevail in this final crusade to eradicate these repulsive forces of darkness of evil from the earth once and for all. The evil doers must be exterminated and the earth must be cleansed of their presense for infinity so that peace may finally come to the earth.
Skull and Bones 05.Oct.2002 18:22

George W. Bush


My name is George W. Bush. I must confess since I'm a born-again Christian that I am a member of the Skull & Bones, a shadow society at Yale University. As part of the initiation rituals, we must have sex with our fellow male initiates in a crypt. I now realize that the Skull and Bones is Satanic and I want nothing to do with it.

God bless America

Right then.. 05.Oct.2002 18:33


Sounds to me like you need to STOP SMOKING THAT STUFF.


.:l:: 05.Oct.2002 23:26


if trilox weren't obviously a twelve-year-old, i'd ask him if he'd ever read the koran. he seems to have found some content that I didn't.