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Corporations ripped you off and then went bankrupt.

-First zero accountability for corporations- then they they make the bankrupt laws tougher on the working class?!?
So guess who they make tougher bankruptcy laws for, corporations? Wrong.

Tougher Bankruptcy Laws Likely
Fri Jul 26, 2:33 AM ET
By JESSE J. HOLLAND, Associated Press Writer

One would think that our lawmakers would feel just a bit sorry for us working stiffs and rather than crack down on us, they would make tougher bankruptcy laws for the corrupt corporations, right?


So, hard working Americans, forced to go bankrupt, are punished.

Listen to this:
{"In these hard economic times, while we're dealing with corporate responsibility, we should also address personal responsibility," GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch ( news, bio, voting record) of Utah said.}

Hey, Hatch, we are not the ones who ripped off the corporations for billions, remember, they ripped us off.

Next we have this bit of hogwash:

The credit card industry, which claims millions of dollars in losses a year from bankrupt consumers, has long lobbied for changes in the bankruptcy laws.

No doubt they have, but sorry, this is free enterprise guys, you agreed to take the risk when you extended the credit. Quit whinning.

"At long last, we'll be able to close loopholes exploited by big spenders who have the ability to repay their debts and better protect consumers who have been left to pay higher prices for goods and services as a result," said Sen. Charles Grassley ( news, bio, voting record), R-Iowa.

Oh, right, Big Spenders who have the ability to pay their debt. How much does one of these Big Spender consumers, willing ruin their own credit rating, manage to take the poor credit card company for? Well, I must confess. I am one of the big spenders who over extended myself and had to go bankrupt. So I got a whooping $25,000 of debt dismissed. Can I now buy a house or property, no. Can my children apply for loans to pay for school, no. Do I have anything to show for this big rip off of the credit card company I pulled off, no. I fit the 'big spender' profile they are complaining about. Luckily, I filed before this law goes into effect but believe me, this is a law that goes against average hard working people who play by the rules, as they like to put it, and favors the big corporations.

And guess what? The same banks, willing to extend credit to practically anyone,(Citibank, Chase Morgan, etc.), and that now want to make it more difficult for you to go bankrupt, are being investigated for 'cooking the books' and ripping the tax paying public off for BILLIONS.

Wake up America and contact Senator Wellstone and fight against this bill
Losers 05.Oct.2002 16:29

Bush Admirer

Does anyone really by the idea that the losers supporting ultra-radical leftist media outlets like Pacifica Radio, Indymedia.com, and FSRN.org are working stiffs?

I doubt that. I suspect they're mostly unemployed losers or University Professors. That's in addition to trial lawyers and Hillary C.

How ridiculous it is to critcize corporations. That's the same corporations who create the products and the jobs that make our economy go. Government creates nothing and is just a burden.

This site should be renamed: Losers.org

And I don't think creeps like this should enjoy tax exampt status.

Congress and Bush Admirer: Dead Wrong 05.Oct.2002 16:56


I am a bankruptcy lawyer, and most people come into my office because of job loss, divorce, or health problems, NOT profligate spending.

Fortunately, abortion politics, squabbles over the Department of Fatherland...er, Homeland Security, and discussion of Iraq probably will doom this bill to fail; there is only a slim chance Congress will take it up before the adjourn this year.

It must be noted that MBNA was the biggest contributor to Shrub's campaign in 2000, after Clinton vetoed the "bankruptcy reform" bill in 2000.

And, Bush Admirer, you might want to know that Hillary Clinton supported S. 333, the legislation described in the article. Undoubtedly Citibank and other card issuers convinced her with campaign contributions.

You're So Much Fun 06.Oct.2002 17:24


Okay Bush admirer, I support all those organizations, well except maybe Pacifica (I think they went mainstream) and I'm sure I have been working hard since before you were in diapers. Your generalizations are really interestings. I see you have plenty of time to spend on IndyMedia. Without the "left", whatever that means, you guys would be bored out of your mind. I'm glad this site provides you with some entertainment.