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anti war in Iraq 'distraqtion' stickers

i saw this sticker at the PPRC rally tonight. i like it! the design is available online.
anti war in Iraq 'distraqtion' stickers
anti war in Iraq 'distraqtion' stickers
go to this webpage for instructions on how to make your own sticker from this design:  http://www.easystreet.com/~mbutts/distraqtion.html
Yada yada 05.Oct.2002 00:24

Link Dacemel

Is this the web site that I can sign up to help the:




Pro-Ultra Liberals

Pro-No Choice but liberal

If so Kewl!!!!

mistake 05.Oct.2002 01:13


uh, no, yada yada, that would be the i'm-a-dumbass-troll.com page you're looking for.

Message to Link Vaseline 05.Oct.2002 04:53

an admirer

Dude, grab a fresh 40, fire up another hit of crystal meth and get back to your Grand Theft Auto III game. We've got work to do.

WTF? 05.Oct.2002 10:45

Link Dacemel

How did you know I was playing GTA3?? are you WATCHING ME?? DUDE, what the fuck? DUDE.

sticker distraqtion 30.Oct.2005 10:13


nice sticker idea although this site be no longer present
i want a sticker maker hmmm