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Need help/advice filling out claim against city because of Cop Assault at CM

I just got the claim form in the mail. Anybody done something like this before?
--Critical Mass Ride-- assualted?
Do I talk about all I witnessed or just what happened to me.
Should I included a reference to medical record of injury sustained as result of attack
How about the name of the officer? Anyway lawyers don't seem much interested
So I'm asking if any of you have advice about what I should write/answer before I blunder through it and never hear anything about it again.

Making claims for lots of money seems pretty evil to me, but people posted that it worked in San Fran. Ends justify the means, living compromise.

Well I won't feel guilty, because I know I won't win. But, I'd like it to go far enough that it annoys some people at least.

I can get the rest of my satisfaction in other ways.

Halloween ride... three more weeks is long enough for me to heal enough to ride with both arms. I'm sure I'll see my cop again, probably busting someone else up. What an angry guy. He must really hate himself. After he retires, and is an even older man, maybe I'll pay him a visit. See how he's doing.

When people get old, they get lonely and sad often. Probably why so many of them commit suicide around the holidays.

I'll go to his funeral too. Maybe his family will even let me say a few words.

Well hopefully he won't die alone and in pain. That's what happened to my grandfather. He was an alcoholic, but surprisingly wasn't abusive towards his family. I find it hard to imagine that my cop isn't abusive towards his family, though he might not be an alcoholic.

Hey maybe everyone can pick an abusive cop to baby-sit as they get older and older and eventually end up lonely and sad. Adopt a cop. Well I've got mine. We can keep track of their careers and meet up with other people they've abused. Even start clubs and internet sites. I've heard in one city they made trading cards of such cops.

Anyway my arm hurts I'm done typing, though the pain is always going to remind me of my cop.
Call Copwatch 04.Oct.2002 00:16

Babysit babies, not cops

You should file that complaint.

If you need help, call Copwatch. They can walk you through the form. Either on the phone or in person.

We file complaints not to fill our time, but as one way of stopping police brutality. Not the only way, not even the best way; but if you don't do it all you're doing is moaning over your beer.

And get some counseling. If you're that worried about the cop then you maybe got hit in the head also.

The Circle of Anger and Violence is.......... 04.Oct.2002 06:56

Robin dancerdolphin@excite.com

To torit and Babysit;
While I have met torit and feel that he has the potential to evolve into what the human race can be again, remembering what we used to be, Babysit needs to remember that anger and violence only breeds more anger and violence, not solutions. I was re-reading a book by the Dali Lama recently and he even made the statement that he was VERY angry as a teenager when he had to flee Tibet because of the genocide by the Chinese. As he grew into his position though, he grew to "appreciate" the Chinese as they gave him an excellent opportunity to develop his compassion and patience. This is not to say that he has ever given up the struggle to free Tibet, but that he has evolved into doing it with a calm heart, which enables him to have a much clearer mind and the energy is positive not negative. We all could learn from him. So not knowing if torit was being facetious or partially honest, his heart is in a good place and humor is always good. Too many of us in the struggle do just that, struggle with anger and pain, without humor and love. torit, I salute you for reminding me that we have a long way to go.