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Who is taking down the flyers? PGE? The city?

What happened to the flyers I put up on Tuesday?
On Tuesday I had a bit of time so I printed some flyers, bought a staple gun and stapled about five up between 39th & 32nd on Hawthorne.

Today I went back to do more extensive flyering and I noticed that none one of these flyers survived. Most of the telephone poles in that area are either completely devoid of flyers of just full of completely shredded ones (that was the case on Tuesday when I put them up, too). Almost nothing remains.

Who is doing this?

Is it PGE? Every sign has a warning not to post flyers on the poles, as they are PGE property, but the signs themselves have all been stapled through hundreds of times.

Is it the city? Someone mentioned something about a new policy on telephone pole posters recently...?

Is it just local business owners trying to clean up their area?

Anti-Postering Campaign 03.Oct.2002 13:51

No-Doz Bukowski

It's this group of businesses, The Anti-Postering Campaign. They write letters to other businesses telling them how studies show flyers are bad for business, and I think they may actually go out in force one morning a week and remove all the flyers in a particular neighborhood. Like, on NW 23rd, it seems to be every Monday morning.

5000. - N.

Thank God 03.Oct.2002 18:21


Thank God somebody is doing something about this crap.

I noticed on the NW corner of 25th(?) and Clinton, someone put a metal sheet around the telephone pole.

Stops the bastards cold.

White bread 03.Oct.2002 18:52

Dingo the clown

It seems that a few folks with nothing in mind but money want everything to look like a hamster cage,all clean and bland.
Its the same B.S. that we deal with in our newly gentrificated hood in North Portland all houses must look like nobody lives in them, nothing on the porch no kids toys just bland cookie cutter maddness.
They hate free speech of every kind and if they have thier way it will be like some places in California where you cant have clothes lines,they would rather you waste energy than use the sun and make property values drop for the wicked.
I love pole art... In fact I like to tear them down after the event and post them in the clown house(by the way we are in hot water for defending a black family from landlords who got them kicked out for being black!)in a time when our rights as humans are quickly eroding we should have this wonderful form of free speech.
People find graffiti and pole art offensive but I find gridlock and urban sprawl offensive.
D. the C.

Print On Sticker Paper or Wheatpaste 04.Oct.2002 10:42

Flexible Flyer

For more permanent flyering, print your flyers on full-size sticker paper, or wheatpaste them on. Put sticker paper flyers up in the sun, so it bakes on in a few hours. Wheat paste can be prepared in a small bucket, then carried by bicycle to cover a lot of ground. Both methods will defeat metal sheets around phone polls.

nuff said 04.Oct.2002 14:37


>>It seems that a few folks with nothing in mind but money want everything to look like a hamster cage

Actually what looks like a hamster cage is when you have shreds of posters 3" deep on a telephone pole.

If you think your posters are so great, hang them up in your bedroom. I don't want to look at them.


Corbin Bernsen

I am sick of these commercial *ADVERTISEMENTS* being passed off as some sort of groovy hip countercultural thing.

Band posters are ADVERTISING. When I see ADVERTISING, I deface or remove it.

The peole who put these things up are the money-grubbers, not the people who take them down.

Electricity will stop the wheat pasters 04.Oct.2002 14:50


Electrifying the metal surround will stop the wheat pasters.

This may sound extreme, but if the law will not protect us, it's about the only way we have of stopping the rampant invasion of crass commercialism into every corner of our public spaces.