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Congressman Earl Blumenauer Will Oppose the War

I called all of the reps and senators today...
When I called Representative Earl Blumenauer's office today, I went into a small speech about how the Congressmen shouldn't support Bush, the secretary interupted me.

"He isn't going to support the war." She said.

I told her that I was calling members of congress to tell them to speek out. She told me that Representative Blumenauer is planning on speaking out in Congress. She told me that she thought that the whole situation is insane.
I hate to break it to you 03.Oct.2002 13:14


While I am sure that your intentions are good, to try and suggest that what people wear might have an impact on the impressions of the "braindead" American public is somewhat naive.

The corporate media will dictate the impression the American public are given about the anti-war effort, not the quality of our dress.

The Cheney protest back in the spring was a perfect example of that.

Despite the fact that the protestors included doctors, lawyers, teachers, and clergy, the corporate media chose to show one individual burning the American flag rather than focusing on the speakers, the music, or the message.

The A22 Bush protest followed a similar pattern.
They showed graffiti and kids jumping on police cars complete with half truths about the police pepper spraying the crowd.

We could all wear tuxedos and the corporate media will still portray us as tree huggers and vandals who are nothing more than an irrelevant misguided fringe element in American society.

Fuck them and their impressions.

i called too 03.Oct.2002 14:11


blumenauer's office was cool.

smith's office told me that people are calling 10 to 1 against the war. then smith's office told me that it didn't make any difference how many calls they received because it wasn't a poll (thanks for telling me what i already knew--i make no difference). he was very nice. he said that smith only supported war as a last resort, and that if i wanted more information i could read his op-ed piece in a recent oregonian.

wyden's office told me that they couldn't reveal how many people called for versus against. i asked for a very rough estimate, and they told me again that they couldn't give me any information, but that more people were against rather than for. when i asked what ron's position was, he told me that ron hasn't made up his mind about anything and has no public stance. when i asked what ron was thinking in general, the rather rude man said he couldn't tell me anything.

which brings up a good point. wyden's office has never, not even once, answered any of my letters. i've sent several over the last few years. my phone calls to his office are generally un-helpful or frustrating, and sometimes confrontational. smith's office, on the other hand, has answered every one of my letters (to tell me that he disagrees and isn't going to do what i'm asking) and the office is generally quite friendly.

this is what democracy looks like.

huh? 03.Oct.2002 15:28



I think you posted to the wrong train of posts. There was nothing about dress in the initial one.

Hey! Me too! 04.Oct.2002 11:02


Hey! Wyden has NEVER answered any of my letters either! And smith, disagree with him tho i may, has ALWAYS answered them, each and every one. (At least one of his loyal minions has, and has skillfully applied his signature stamp to the bottom.) I thought it was just ME! Wazzup w wyden, anyway? He think he's too good for us or sumthin?