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Dress For Success on Oct 5th

This is just a suggestion on how we can increase our effectiveness when we participate in peace events. A great man once said about activism "Anything you can do, you should".
How we dress for the October 5th Rally will have an impact on those watching the event. Whether we like it or not, people form opinions about others by the way we dress. I apologize for being the bearer of such a superficial message. Everyone has their own reasons for attending a rally. Some people want to make an impression on the other participants. Some just want to shake their fist and don't care what impression they make. That is fine. I have no judgment about that. However, if you want to make a favorable impression on the people who don't come to the rally, those watching, then it might help to dress accordingly. Consciously dressing nicely for an event is one way to show that you care about what you are doing. If we want to stop this war, we need to reach out beyond our own circles and enlist others in the fight. This is just one small thing we can do.
My Tux is being pressed! 03.Oct.2002 13:18

Starched Collar

Bust out the tails and cumberbun, hear comes the revolution and damn do we look good!

dress 03.Oct.2002 13:18

dirk diggler

My 4 year old boy says he wants to wear his purple tutu. Is that acceptable to you?

It's about time you Hippys start lookin sharp 03.Oct.2002 14:06

Violet Zali

It's about time you Hippys start lookin sharp
It's about time you Hippys start lookin sharp

Attitude is far more important than dress 03.Oct.2002 23:31

Wear what you like

Your attitude is far more important than what you wear. Be Real, Be Dedicated, Be Unrelenting, Be Focused, Be Total In your Actions on behalf of Justice and Peace

These qualities will do a thousand times more than any dress appearance.

<sigh> this again 03.Oct.2002 23:41


this dress for success is classist bullshit. i've been hearing people making these pleas for forever and a day and i've even gone so far as to dress up in a tie and everything to see if it works. my conclusion: it doesn't make enough of a difference to keep harping on it. if you're out in the street or holding a sign or whatever, you stand out just by doing that. our culture is a passive, brainwashed mess falling asleep in its easy chair with the remote in one hand, a beer can in the other, and a bag of junk food on its lap. standing up at all makes you different and fills the people who need to be reached with fear. some of these people just won't ever be reached by street actions at all, regardless of how anyone is dressed. they'll act up when their lives are affected at the gas pump or in the wallet and not until then, and they probably *still* won't care about us and our message then 'cos their heads'll still be consumer-propaganda addled. they'll be wearing baseball caps and walmart poly-cotton blends as they rip shit up, not nice respectable clothes.

no, it doesn't matter how we dress. we're not going to win anyway. we just need to get out there on the street however we look because it's the right thing to do.

ah...NO 04.Oct.2002 01:01


I'm sorry but for this idividual being an activist means being turned on all the way's this society can opress. Rome fell and it is time for this decadent capitalist bullshit to fall to. I will not legitimize any of their dead forms of opression. It's classist ONLY THE RICH CAN AFFORD NICE CLOTHES. It's racist, WHITE FOR WEDDINGS BLACK FOR FUNERALS,OR WHITE FOR ONLY PURE VIRGINS. And it's sexist BLUE FOR BOYS, PINK FOR GIRLS,AND DRESSES AND SUBMISSION, AND fuck fashion fuck these issues of formal look good get the glory dress for success code. It tears me up. Look good the way WE say looks good strip away your individuality,non conformity is o.k. as long as we all do it together. NO WAY. And what about the most beautifull sharpest suit of all yer birthday suit........love

Lyrics from an old song... 04.Oct.2002 15:21


"It doesn't matter...what you wear, just as long as you are there..."

I would rather see 5,000 people tomorrow wearing whatever than 500 wearing suits/hippiewear/Black Bloc garb or any other "proper protest wear".

I'll be there in whatever is clean and warm. Perhaps a t-shirt with a political message, perhaps a football team logo sweatshirt. But I will be *there*, and opposed to Operation Republican Senate, or whatever Chimpy plans to call the war on Iraq.