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No oversight of PJTTF (Vera's lack of research)

Story from today's Mercury about the lack of PJTTF oversight
A toothless watchdog
One of the primary concerns expressed at last week's hearings over the local chapter of the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Foce was that the organization has no oversight. Activists have expressed concern, saying they want to know who is being watched by federal agents and local cops, and what information is being kept. But when leading the charge to reauthorize the Task Force, Mayor Katz made assurances that she would help set up a procedure where Senator Ron Wyden's office would serve as a watchdog. Unfortunately, Katz spoke before reviewing the allowances of federal law. Last week, Wyden's office stated that they have no such authority. According to existing federal law, no one but FBI agents have access to those files. Phil Busse

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vera is a fascist 03.Oct.2002 23:53

i told her so to her face

i'm willing to bet she knew this before hand and just lied to make herself look good. she is a fascist. this country is more and more like germany in the 30's and local officials like katz are essential to that happening. that's how it happened then and that's how it's happening now.

do a search at google for "white rose" and "nazi" for an inspiring story about those who resisted then.

one more thing 03.Oct.2002 23:56

same as above

she really is a liar. during last year's hearing, the city's attorney stated that no one except the FBI has access to the files. she knew last year, she knew this year.