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A Psychological Campaign Aimed at Swaying Public Opinion

The compulsion to know honour points to knowledge of humility.

Knowledge of humility reveals the fallacy of pride.

It's your world.

Let love inspire.




love love and stuff

PS: the first thing that needs to be conveyed to the people is knowledge of 'right'--- although, of course, 'right' is ordained by practicality towards maximum happiness, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (if this message is not in Canada then whatever), at the very beginning, acknowledges the supremacy of God- meaning that above all prohibition if a person can do a thing conscientiously they have the right to do it--- 'conscientiousness' is acting in accordance with the common good--------- it is your world

PPS: actually, we've spent so much time trying to swim in a capitalist world we never considered that we don't have the right to barter in the first place.

just know it is better to be homeless than proud---- that in fact you are not allowed to be proud because it violates my right--- and I am you

ya ya

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