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We're Jeff and Tracy. We're Your Good Neighbors. We Smoke Pot.

Jeff and Tracy are two regular people who tried to pay for a voice to oppose the government sponsored ads promoting the War On Drugs (marijuana.) In their hometown of Portland, Oregon, they were censored at nearly every turn! Learn about their story and how you can help get their radio spots on the air in your community!
We're Jeff and Tracy. We're Your Good Neighbors. We Smoke Pot.
We're Jeff and Tracy. We're Your Good Neighbors. We Smoke Pot.
We tried spending our own green money to publish the message that tens of millions of responsible, productive Americans smoke pot. Portland's largest newspaper, The Oregonian, censored us. So did corporate heads at Portland's KUFO, KGON, KEX, KKCW, KSTE, KNRK, KKRZ and Seattle's KISW. Even the mass transit system, Tri-Met, banned our message.

Sooo...we are taking our message to radio stations in other parts of the country, to college campus radio stations, indie stations, even internet stations in the hope that they will play it over the air waves! The following link will take you to a page on our web site where both of our radio spot's are available in MP3 as well as WAV format. We encourage stations to play both spots, in rotation, and as frequently as possible!


Help us spread the message that regular Americans smoke pot, you just don't know who they are because they are afraid to talk about it.

We'd love to hear from you!

Best Wishes,

Jeff and Tracy

homepage: homepage: http://www.jeffandtracy.com

Right on Jeff and Tracy! 03.Oct.2002 15:06


Thanks for your bravery in your efforts to expose the hypocrisy of drug laws in our country today.

Cannabus has been used effectively as both a medicine and a recreational drug for thousands of years by almost every culture that has ever lived. It became commonly known as Marijuana at the turn of the century when American industrialists saw it as a negative in regard to worker production. The "mexican" name was added to put a negative conatation on it and it kind of stuck.

Few people knew that the plant that the federal government had demonized for over 50 years as "Marijuana - Assassin of Youth," was, in fact, Cannabis Hemp, the most traded commodity in the world until the mid-1800s, and several state's number one crop, industry, and most important source of revenue, for over 150 years.

It was the alcohol industry that fought so hard to keep cannabus illegal for decades and they have now been replaced by the pharmacuetical industry (who was the chief finacier for the "DARE program") who would much rather have you pay billions a year for their zoloft, lithium, and prozac than to be independently growing a couple of plants in your backyard.
They would much rather have the thousands of terminally ill patients pay them for drugs that don't work as well for appetite and pain.

The truth is obvious and it is there for anyone who wants to arrive at an objective analysis of why Cannabus is still illegal.

Cannabus, like every drug, is not without health concerns or side effects. But it is certainly far less harmful than many legal drugs.
I never liked using that arguement, but the truth is that US cannabus laws are hypocritical and are based on centralizing profit and preventing Americans from the choice they should have.

To speak of the relatively small health concerns of canabas "use" while allowing the alcohol and tobbaco companies to create the biggest and most disastorous health problems in our country is a joke.
To allow the pharmacutical companies to use taxpayer dollars for R&D of their drugs and then turn around gouge seniors and others while preventing Americans from an alternative is not political. It is shameful.

Thank you Jeff and Tracy for refusing to be intimidated by the negative cultural "onus" put on this plant.