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Nice Fellows Huh?

I though Religious folks were supposed to be peaceful, I guess that the ocupation causes stress throught the Ummah right?
The former president of Iran is calling on the Muslim world to develop nuclear weapons to annihilate Israel.

At a Dec. 14 lecture at Tehran University, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said that if "the world of Islam" obtains nuclear weapons, it should use them against Israel, whose second-strike capability is not enough to destroy the entire Muslim world. "Nothing will remain after one atom bomb is dropped on Israel, while a similar attack would only injure Islam," Rafsanjani said.

The speech is believed to be the first time that such a prominent leader in the Muslim world has explicitly called for the annihilation of the Jewish state through nuclear warfare.

(JTA 12/22)
All forms 03.Oct.2002 13:28


All forms of religious extremism are scary.

All Religions Are violent 03.Oct.2002 19:04

Even you wannabe buddhists

Religion is inherently violent, by piting an us against them, a sacred versus profane, deal with it.