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James Twyman Going to Iraq

This man has more guts than all of us
I am using another name than the one I usually post with, as I would lose total credibility with some of you due to the nature of what I am going to post and I would rather maintain credibility. Anyway, some of you have heard of James Twyman and those of you that heve not, I urge to seek him out. I recieved this e-mail from him this morning and it is too important not to pass on.
Oct 9,2002 e-mail recieved from James Twyman:
"Beloved Friends,

In 1998 I had the great honor of traveling to Iraq at the invitation of
Saddam Hussein to perform the Peace Concert at the Rasheed Theater in
Baghdad. At that time we stood at the brink of war, and there didn't seem
to be any other alternative. I personally believed that if millions of
people Prayed Peace, that a miracle would occur. While I was performing the
concert in Baghdad the prayer vigil began, and at least five million people
from all over the world participated. Three days later everything changed.
To everyone's surprise Iraq backed down and the war did not occur.

We need another miracle!

I am preparing to Iraq for another concert and prayer vigil. Please pray
for me and the success of this mission. The present goal is to be in Iraq
on October 12, and I will try to send daily updates while I am there. (If
you were forwarded this e-mail by a friend and are not on our normal
mailing list, you can subscribe by following the instructions at the bottom
of this letter.)

Most of you know about the Psychic Children I met while traveling through
Bulgaria last year, especially a young boy named Thomas. Since then Thomas
has been offering his wisdom on many topics, most recently on the low
frequency testing being deployed by the US Navy that is killing our ocean
mammals. I sought his advice on the current tension between the US and
Iraq, and I was surprised by his simple answer. I believe that this should
be the foundation of our action as we seek peace in Iraq and the whole

This is what I received:

There are three things we ask you to do:

1. Focus on what you want to happen, not on what you're afraid will occur.
If thousands of people focus their hearts on a positive outcome, or a
peaceful conclusion, then you will help shift the tide of fear toward love.
Then love will prevail, and the conflict will dissipate.

2. Pray for the leaders of the countries involved, especially President
Bush. Pray that they be guided by love, not fear, and that their actions be
for the benefit of all humanity.

3. Know in your heart that everything is perfect, even though it may not
seem to be. Everything is happening as it should to demonstrate the reality
of peace on Earth.

We love you,

I, like so many others around the world, am appalled by the war posturing
taking place in Washington. It is easy to disagree and be angry, but I also
believe that Thomas' advice is vitally important. My anger does not help,
but my compassion does. I cannot ask George Bush to have compassion if I do
not. I want to be part of the solution, and I know all of you feel the
same. Therefore, we need to act as Spiritual Warriors, and seek peace at
the highest level. That is my goal as I prepare for this journey, and I ask
you to join me.

I will keep you up to date as I plan this trip. In the meantime, please
join me in following the advice of the Children who remind us that we
already have everything we need to create a New World.

In Peace,
James Twyman"

To make it easy, his website is:  http://www.emissaryoflight.com/