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In a recent article purporting to explore why John Walker Lindh joined the Taliban, Time Magazine attempts to smear Lindh by suggesting that he had "a homosexual affair" with a man in Pakistan. Given the strict sexual mores of Lindh and other Muslim fundamentalists, this allegaton is a thinly disguised Homophobic Lie--as this charge has been denied by both Lindh and the Pakistani man. Score another point for the American propaganda press.

Pakistani man denies having sex with Taliban American

BANNU, Pakistan (CNN) --A Pakistani businessman denied Monday a report in Time magazine that implies he had a homosexual affair with John Walker Lindh, the American who joined the Taliban.

Khizar Hayat said he did not tell Time his relationship with Walker Lindh was sexual.

Their relationship, he told CNN, was "the kind of relationship any good Muslim should have with another."

Hayat, who said Walker Lindh stayed with him about a month, denied having sexual relations with the young American. "That's nonsense," he said. "We never had any such relationship."

The Time article, which explores how a young man from suburban America ended up with the Taliban, contains the following passage:

"Hayat met Lindh and took him on a tour of various madrasahs, searching for the perfect one from Karachi in the south to Peshawar in the northwest. The young American rejected them all and preferred remaining at Hayat's side. He helped Hayat at his store, a prosperous business dealing in powdered milk. Hayat, who has a wife and four children, says he had sex with Lindh.

"'He was liking me very much. All the time he wants to be with me,' says Hayat, who has a good though not colloquial command of English. 'I was loving him. Because love begets love, you know.'"

Lindh's lawyers deny that their client engaged in any homosexual relationships.

homepage: homepage: http://www.cnn.com/2002/WORLD/asiapcf/south/09/30/walker.lindh.time/index.html

according to a dutch gal who saw him in yemen 04.Oct.2002 09:52


walker was certainly gynophobic (or perhaps she didn't expect proper muslima treatment out of a westerner who knows). A dutch daily carried her account shortly after he was first brouhahad.