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9.11 investigation

Time to Speak Up!

Time to Speak Up! SF 9-11 Events- October 4th & 6th
The flagrantly violent illegal course being blazed by the Bush
Administration with the assistance of Hawkish Democrats "appears"
unstoppable, but the polls, the smoke and mirrors of the mainstream
constructed reality is deeply deceptive and designed to isolate, silence,
discourage the mobilization of civil society against the new transnational
fascist takeover of the world.

What gives me hope is talking to people publicly in the streets,
discovering that I am not alone, that many oppose the Bush Regime and this
headlong rush towards war, and that people are hungry for information, real
information about what really happened on September 11th, and why civil
liberties, the Constitution, and the world under attack.

Through the cooperative effort of concerned people, researchers,
journalists, artists, moms, dads, carpenters, the unemployed, the
overworked... an extraordinary collection of information, analysis, is
bubbling up in digestible forms- cartoons, art, articles, books, videos,
radio programs to shatter the Big Lie and Manufactured Myths about what
happened on September 11, 2001, the "War of Terrorism" that has been
unleashed upon the world. Now more than ever, this information needs to
get out, to prevent a looming World War and prevent further U.S. sponsored
terrorist attacks at home.

In San Francisco, there are a number of opportunities coming up to
get this information out, learn more, demonstrate your desire for truth,
accountability and transparency from elected officials, and opposition to
State Sponsored Terrorism.

On Friday, October 4th, there will be a Press Conference about The
People's Investigation of 9-11 at the San Francisco Federal Building, 450
Golden Gate, from 10:00 a.m. until noon.

Speakers at the Press Conference will include: Riva Enteen, National
Lawyer's Guild, Carol Brouillet, Women's International League for Peace and
Freedom, Joyce Lynn, Journalist, Don Paul, Author, Lois Ann Battuello,
Researcher, Kellia Ramirez, Producer of Radio Internet Story Exchange, Mark
Nemeth, The People's Investigation of 9/11 (contact the main organizers-
Mark or Paul Bernardino, 415.552.4652,  its@notoncnn.com- to volunteer as
speaker, or send a written statement of support)... and others- perhaps you,
if you are willing to speak up!

9/11 websites-  http://www.cooperativeresearch.org,
 http://www.communitycurrency.org/9-11.html, and Michael Ruppert's site-

One of the most powerful organizing tools has been the internet,
which savvy techno-gurus have figured out how to use to get out the most
vital information- including brilliant brief documentaries, such as-
Aftermath- Unanswered Questions from 911, produced by Guerrilla News
Network which can be viewed at-  http://www.guerrillanews.com/after_math/.

Also on October 4th, the groundbreaking 9-11 researcher Michael
Ruppert will be speaking in San Francisco on THE TRUTH AND LIES OF 9/11 at
Lowell High School, 1101 Eucalyptus Drive (off 19th behind SF State
College, 2 blocks South of Sloat/Stern Grove). For more info call (707)
824-9933. Mr. Ruppert uses the government's own documentation in his
presentation. Mr. Ruppert, currently a 9/11 researcher and author, is a
former LAPD narcotics investigator from a family of US intelligence agents.
This is also a great networking/organizing opportunity and Mike will also
be speaking on the 6th in Sebastopol, see his website for details.

On October 6th, Not In Our Name is organizing a rally at Union
Square, San Francisco, where a multitude of marches will converge at 2 p.m.
to oppose the War of Terrorism. At 1:00 o'clock p.m. at Embarcadero
Plaza, at the foot of Market Street, you are invited to join a contingent
of people who support- The People's Investigation of 9-11- and oppose U.S.
sponsored Terrorism, the covert and overt acts of violence by the CIA, FBI,
the military, within and outside of the U.S..
(Mike will also speak on the 6th in Sebastopol- see his site for details).

Please join us and raise your voice for truth, justice, peace, hope,
a better future for all ...

Carol Brouillet