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Oct 22 Planing committee

Planning tommorrow, Thursday, at 7:00 pm Laughing Horse Books
Thursday, Oct 3, at 7:00pm at the Laughing Horse Bookstore we will be having a planning meeting for the Oct 22 rally. Laughing Horse Collective is located at 3652 SE Division. Feel free to bring yummy veggiehead savory snacks to share and a big hug for all. If you can't make the planning meeting: the October 22 Wear Black! Against Police Brutality march will be taking place at the south park blocks at 4:00pm.
August 22, 2002 02.Oct.2002 23:17

don't hurt infants for government office

August 22, 2002: Police Pepper Spray babies!

This is family values? Who paid for the pepper spray? Tax dollars. We all paid to pepper spray those INFANTS, for a fundraiser for gordan smith. We paid to brutalize the Disabled, the Elderly, and the Children, all so some men can make people pay for a $1000 dollar plate of food to get him into office! We paid that day! If time is money, get your money back and stop police brutality! Make this a city to grow up in, not a city to be beaten down in! Save our economy! No more money for pepper spraying babies, the elderly, and the disabled! We must have mayor katz and chief kroekers accountability! chief kroeker said he would accept all accountability for that day, let's see it done!

Support the ILWU! Free all Political Prisoners! Stop Brutalizing our Babies! Stop the War in Iraq, Afganistan, in America! Bring back to us the disappeared Muslims! Save the old growth! Solidarity! SOLIDARITY! SOl I DARE TEA!

Tactics for running for public office 02.Oct.2002 23:39

killing infants for public office?

This is a sad departure from the old days when they used to kiss babies for public office. Now they pepper spray them. Then they turn around and talk about family values! What next, are they going to kill our infants for public office? It's our choice. Stay home and be silenced, or stop the madness here before it escalates!

Yeah! 03.Oct.2002 13:03


Everyone with children should bring them. The cops are going to be so scared to do it again that a line of families with their children should be able to push right through any line they set up. The only reason they can contain the crowd is the threat (and use) of violence. With children up front and after the fallout of A22 they'll be helpless. Have plenty of cameras and video there to record it all in case they do decide to do it again.

Yeah you made me gut laugh 03.Oct.2002 16:54

actual parents

So yeah I am a revolutionary I am commited to the struggle to end u.s. imperialism, capitalism, and of course the fucking police state. But how insensitive and foolish of you to put babies in the front line. You must be joking. They are children they are not ready to take a bullet for the struggle yet. And you say "should be able to break through" think you fool! And good luck finding parents to use their kids as a tactic, and or a human target. Not my child not yet she can barely even hold a cup. I really don't want to be mean but you do desevre a FUCK YOU, sorry