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Corporations like vampires are weakest at their point of entry

Pull out their fangs and they will starve.
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Just speculation, in this age of hyped worry over local terrorism I must not be the only one who is anxious about the health/weaknesses of our corporate predators.


Starbucks (long live the independent coffee shop, down with wireless tyranny)
Their doors, their locks are fangs that can be broken/disabled/jammed. What would sticking the right kind of trash in their lock do, in all of their locks do, at each of their stores in a city do. Hurt business for an hour, a day. Money bleeding from them, moving on.

Anything with tires full of air... media vans, motorcycle cops, SUVs. Their fangs are air valves that happen to match bicycle valves, which a broken bike pump can empty of air silently in 1-3 minutes (with aid of cloth). What would happen if 1% of all motorized vehicles in a city lost the air in one of their tires. Would car dealers see a decline in buyers of (high risk of flat) vehicles.

Wheatpaste, water and wheat--decorating fastfood establishments with their own trash.


Tags at a store with comments added, like "Why are you buying this sweater"

How can we protect our predators from the damage anyone could do if they cared.
u go! 03.Oct.2002 11:05

doing my part

Yes. I've been doing what i can with a sharpie and some blank label stickers everywhere i go. They're colonizing your mind with their slogans and their psycho-warriors. Fight back! Subvert their messages. Turn their advertisements, corporate newspaper headlines, etc into a moment for the people to pause and reflect on what is really going on. Pull the newspaper out of the window of the paper box and add your own thoughts. Slap a sticker on the soup cans and soap boxes at the store. Make em think think think beyond the slogans and sound bites.