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STOP HLS BLOODBATH. Another one bites the dust!

Another Market Maker vacates HLS. J.P. Matrix went the way of so many other naive or foolish brokers that thought there is profit to made off of animal cruelty.
STOP HLS BLOODBATH.  Another one bites the dust!
STOP HLS BLOODBATH. Another one bites the dust!

For the rest of the week please keep hammering away at our old nemesis Legacy Trading Co and it's big mouth president Skip Boruchin.

Last week SHAC spoke with the Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement agents about Skip divulging confidential HLS shareholder information to drive up the volume of shares traded. A copy of the audio tape was sent along we are all eagerly awaiting the charges. With every trade Legacy makes in LSRI - the deeper they get into a legal mess.

In the meantime lets continue to tie up their phone lines!

Legacy Trading Co.
Skip Boruchin SS#! 524-58-8408
Office address:
301 S. Bryant Ave.
Edmond, OK 73034
T: 405.216.0554 (Most important number to call!)

Home Info
Skip Boruchin
2516 Steeplechase Rd.
Edmond, OK 73034
T: 405.341.6499
F: 405 341 6493


Every week a different company or individual associated with HLS is singled out to receive phone, email, and fax blockades from anti-HLS campaigners around the country. Many companies have severed their ties with HLS after being the Puppy Killer of the Week due to the sheer volume of calls, emails, and faxes from supporters calling, emailing, and faxing repeatedly. So forward this everywhere and play your part in closing HLS! If you'd like to do a disruption, demo, or other action against the Puppy Killer of the Week, go right ahead!


Take advantage of pay phones! Especially with Toll Free Numbers!

**** Get a black fax to send here (or you can just use a black piece of paper and give your target's fax machine a run for its money...or ink!):


you will need acrobat reader to download this. get it for free here: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html

**** A great way to block the number that you are calling/faxing from is to dial *67 BEFORE you dial the number. Great for sending black faxes! (Unfortunately doesn't work for 800 numbers)

Also...an idea suggested by one of our supporters:
I have discovered a toll-free and easy way to keep your targets' phone lines blocked up. Comedy Central Inc. has a new television show about prank phone calls, entitled Crank Yankers. On the Crank Yankers homepage (which can be accessed directly through www.comedycentral.com) is a tool called 'Crank-A-Friend.' All you do is enter the target's phone number, name, e-mail address, and then your own name and e-mail address (which can just be made up for discretion). Within seconds, an irritatingly long phone call will arrive at the phone number you specified. It is free to use, legal, and you can drive HLS and their allies crazy with it, especially if done in unison.


After a campaign starts against a partner company of HLS, e-mail accounts that are targeted by SHAC are being blocked. Here is a "work around" that some supporters will find helpful.

Go to the company Web site and use the "contact us" button. Use an *asterisk* (shift + 8) to fill in the required fields . An *asterisk* is a "wild card" and the computer form sees it as text. Type or paste message in the comment area and send.

They won't block their company account because they need the business from the web. We can flood their customer e-mail and it's legal.


Some companies have put filters on their email systems that direct email with HLS related terms directly to the trash. Try taking out words like "HLS", "Huntingdon Life Sciences," "SHAC," "Animal Cruelty," etc.

**** For auto e-mailing, that uses encryption devices that masks who you are: http://www.animaldefenseleague.com/cgi-bin/mail.html

homepage: homepage: http://www.shacusa.net

power from right 02.Oct.2002 22:47


mailing them road kills or chicken guts might give a message.
power from right
power from right