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New Portland animal rights site!

it rocks!
Portland Animal Activists Unite is new site created by and for, those concerned about animal welfare issues who are living in the Portland OR and surrounding area including Vancouver, WA and the vicinity. Our intention is to help connect
and foster communication among local activists on issues and events that matter to the animals.

We (the authors) have recognized the need for enhanced communication among local animal activists and thereby developed this website as a way of contributing to animal rights activism in our area. While the area is fortunate to have several branch offices of national organizations located here, as well as other very fine groups working to end animal suffering and exploitation, what we have not had until now, has been a way to coordinate the information amongst all the groups. We have organized these pages in an effort to do so.

As we are strongly committed vegans and advocates for issues such as anti-vivisection, animal consumption and animal guardianship, we understand that becoming aware of such issues can be a process and we have recognized the
need for local support and resources on such matters.
This is an ongoing project. We will be relying on input and participation from others and we will be most appreciative of your insights. The success of this site is going to be based on community effort so please help us to keep it progressing.

If we have initially overlooked any groups or other information that you feel should be included, please contact us with the details.

homepage: homepage: http://www.portlandanimalactivistsunite.com/index.html

neighbor using deadly slug bait 14.Oct.2003 15:29

animal lover wolflake45@aol.com

My neighbor came over to advice me that he is putting out deadly slug bait. He also informed me that he is not very fond of my cats or any cats using his yard for a bathroom. I really feel that he is just warning me that he is about to poison any animal that comes in contact with the bait.. We also have racoons and squirls that could get this and die. I would like to know what my rights are or would be if any animals end up dead.

1310 s.e. franklin st.