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In These Busy Days, Don't Forget Uppcoming Actions In Bolivia

We have alot on our plate for the month, but the upcoming FTAA summit in Bolivia is quite important. The recent return of police brutality in this city is concerning, and needs to be confronted, but the circumstances facing our sisters and brothers in Bolivia are truly chilling.
This post is from a small afinity group currently preparing an organizing drive for a solidarity rally/march to take place on the 31st of October. Halloween marks the first day of meetings for the FTAA talks in Quito, and is to be met with widespread direct action by thousands of campesinos, union members, indigenous peoples, and political activists.
The FTAA, which is to be ratified in 2005, represents the usurption of the meager democratic controls still open to us. There are several good websites detailing the purpose of the FTAA and the threats it poses to the peoples of the western hemisphere. A good starting point is www.stopftaa.org which provides plenty of info and other links.
We are planning some large scale fliering and pamphleteering in the next few weeks, but we are hoping that others in town will also begin to develope their own campaigns as well. We are hoping that we(everyone) will be able to put this together without centralized planning boards, and with the vital energy of affinty group networks.
In closing, we hope to see everyone out there on the 31st. Lets let our comrades in Bolivia know that we stand with them!!