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Why it is important to show up on Oct 5th

Why it is important to show up on Oct 5th - and to keep showing up and speaking up -
Cause people around the world need to see that there is significant opposition to Bush's mad war plans. It may not change the direction of the government, but many countries around the world are very strongly opposed to Bush's attack on Iraq and their opposition will be stiffer if they understand that there is real opposition in this country. Get out and be seen, and tell everyone you know, and write about it, send letters, articles and photos to other countries and make as much noise as you can for the world to see!!!
We will be there... 02.Oct.2002 19:03

magical womyn

We will be there and this time we are bringing saftey glasses, gas masks, a first aid kit, solidarity forever! And we will not be afraid!

I'm there 02.Oct.2002 20:49

Mikel Clayhold

I'll be there. And for the same reason a lot folks will be there: because you know in your gut that it's the right thing to do. I won't have any protective gear, either. No mask, no scarf, no helmet, no pads. If you see me, say hi, and introduce yourself. I'm the forty-year old white guy with the beard and ponytail carrying the sign that says, simply, "No War."

Hey Mike 03.Oct.2002 02:34

Child of Global Warming and constant war

When we cover ourselves in sunglasses, bandanas, hats, and gloves in order to protect ourselves from less lethal weapons, i.e. pepperspray, rubber bullets, and tear gas, we in fact look much like the school kids in Chile and other regions of the globe who have to deal with America's refusal to deal with air pollution and global warming. When we refuse to act cautiously, and refuse to act on the facts, we in fact impare our own health and the health of others. We accept that America is one of the biggest polluters and creates the largest amount of waste. These kids are not circumspect and in fact are not banditos. They are young kids who live every day of the year covering themselves from the pollution America so proudly displays and lust for. When we go to demonstrations dressed as they do we are in fact with a global wide solidarity movement to address all of these concerns. To show caution in this respect is not only wise for your health but wise in the since of media. Would you really ask for these children to be portrayed as terrorists? So why do you want to malign them and ourselves with this doubt? It's just a thought. I really am not trying to alienate you, or critisize you and your beliefs. If you have different reasons I would be interested in knowing them. It's a new concept to me as well. I never thought I would live to see such greed, repression, and pollution of all habitats. I, too used to march proudly against the war on terrorism in Central America. Old habits die hard. The idea that most of the planet is now ecological, economicaly, and politically unsound is a scary one. Unless you realize how easy it is becoming to stop it, if we act soundly. I know that many of the young today look strangly like the guerilla factions around the globe who are trying to secure food, water, and land rights (not much more.) But you have to understand this is not scary but good. As soon as America realizes that we are in a crisis situation, more people will respond. By acting as if it were a beautiful sunny fall day in california, instead of a polluted drought ridden fall in Oregon, we do not address the situations presented. This protest may have a few jokes but can only be taken as a crisis situation by all. When America learns to come to terms that we are never safe from the police anymore at our demonstrations the reverse will happen. I do believe that people will come out to defend each other. But as long as we do not show the severity of the Muslims disappearing in our country, the viscious police raids and attacks against our first amendment, we can not begin to really reverse the situation. We must act as to what the situation warrants. It warrants solidarity, it warrants personal protection (IDENTITY AND HEALTH FOR ALL PACIFIST MOVEMENTS) and the right of dissent. They collect your picture first and then your DNA. I hope more people will go to the protest educated about what personal freedoms have come to in this country and show the nation at large what is really going on! Hell, show the whole damn globe that we are being forced into this war, and being physically assalted into submission if we don't go along! Show them that we do care about keeping religous freedoms and the right to assemble peacefully, not choking and crying on their global poisioning! Free the Political and Religous Prisoners in Cuba!

coming to the ball 03.Oct.2002 12:46

but what shall i wear

Doesn't matter what u wear. Wear black, wear white, wear masks wear nothing, but just be there. (But do remember that the portland police state has been escalating their aggressive behaviors toward non-violent dissenters, so be prepared for a little show of testosterone along the way. Goggles and masks, and some bottled water wouldn't be a bad idea....)