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I AM LAMET VALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recently, there have been many posts on this newswire claiming to be me, the irrepressible Lamet Vali. Many of you even had the nerve to post unflattering pictures of various people whom you claimed were really me. I know that many of you are jealous of me and my superior intellect, but resorting to this tactic is terrible. To clear up any confusion about what I look like, I am posting the following picture of myself. Also, as I am still a bachelor and a Male Virgin, if there any eligible young ladies out there who enjoy Right Wing propaganda tracts, please post your e-mail address and I will contact you.
I AM LAMET VALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I AM LAMET VALI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am lamet vali!
Pick me, Pick me!! 02.Oct.2002 17:05

Love puppet

Oh, Mr. Vali, you are my destiny. All these years of cumming in a sock by myself in my room have manifested into this- A real live puppet lover. Im your man, e-mail me at  muppets4mullets@yahoo.com

We can be the Ernie and Bert of the 21st century.

I AM NOT A MUPPET! 02.Oct.2002 19:26

the true flesh and blood Lamet Vali

Ah ha, apparently I have raised the ire of the stinky hippies with collections of muppet photos. I, Lamet Vali, am not a muppet. FACT!

Could a muppet satisfy the ladies the way I, Lamet Vali, do? My genius in bed is only rivaled by my genius at upsetting lazy good-for-nothing "anarchists" with cold logic. FACT!

Could a muppet do that?

I will judge the First Annual Critical Mass Halloween Lamet Vali Lookalike Contest with an iron fist, and muppets bearing evil fruit shall be hewn down and cast upon the fire. I am the eternal Lamet Vali. FACT!!!!!!

who cares 02.Oct.2002 19:49

who cares

regardless of who you are -- no offense to Lamet Vali -- you're taking up screen space and likely leading to people new to Portland Indymedia to think this place is full of back-biting. So please, even if you don't like Lamet Vali, confine it to that person's messages rather than spamming everyone

Not a puppet, but still a lowlife. 02.Oct.2002 19:57

My best guess

I imagine that he works in law enforcement, most likely as a jail guard, or a PJTTF flunky. Whatever his ocupation is, he needs to get a real life and stop jacking off on posters of Rush Limbaugh.

disagree with *who cares* 02.Oct.2002 20:46

i care

no this isn't spam. there's plenty of other distracting and bizarre stuff on Portland IMC to keep any newcomer busy. that person will still be making up their own mind about us (including prudes like "who cares").

anyone visiting the newswire today will find dozens of cogent and informative stories on grassroots activism and alternative media.

besides, how in the hell would a total newcomer visiting this site and seeing the above post be in the know about the 'Lamet Vali' anyway?

who cares again 02.Oct.2002 21:16

who cares again

I have only read one of "his" posts. It didn't seem all that odd or anything, but perhaps you folks have seen others that were noxious. In any event, what good does it do blabbing here? OK, I grant you, I may have been rash calling it "spam." But still, it would make more sense to rip into someone in the actual messages they post, pointing out exactly what in their message you disagree with or wish to highlight. The blurbs here are free-floating, and really are not worth much (maybe your humor?). I donno, just seems stupid......

Damn You! 02.Oct.2002 21:25

Lamet Vali

Pagans will burn in Hell. FACT!
Damn You!
Damn You!

Refreshing 02.Oct.2002 22:04

Asdf's Twin

Ahh the class prejudice here is refreshingly fun.


Lamet Vali

They hate me because of my hair! that's the only reason damn them!

I'm all about class! FACT! 02.Oct.2002 22:39

Lamet Vali

I'm all about class! FACT!
I'm all about class! FACT!

I care too goshdammit 02.Oct.2002 23:33

Lamet Vali

Who Cares - after reading your post reprimanding all these infantile sodomites for continuing to impersonate me and spread their LIES, my heart was filled with joy. Just knowing that someone out there understands all the pain these childish "druggies" have brought to me and my cats makes me feel so much better. I really don't know why they hate me so. But having a sympathetic shoulder to cry on certainly helps.

I can tell from the way you write that you are a deeply sensitive person, and I suspect too that you're probably HOT. What do you think about you and me getting together. I really know how to treat a lady. FACT! I'll be at the Belmont Stumptown at 7pm tomorrow night. I'll be wearing the American flag tanktop with brown trousers (and a little something special underneath wink, wink.)

I am not a muppet, but if you're into that sort of thing maybe I could pick up some stuffed animals at Goodwill or something. ;-)