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Support Locked Out Longshore Workers--Join JWJ Action Friday at Noon

In addition to leafletting West Coast Waterfront Coaltion stores, we will march to the Pacific Maritime Association!
Jobs with Justice Action Against the West Coast Waterfront Coalition
and the Pacific Maritime Association

Rally and March on WCWC Stores and the PMA


While the ILWU pickets are up the docks, other unions and community members will build support in downtown Portland!

Friday, October 4--Meet at Pioneer Square at 12 Noon
(12 Noon--sharp! We will head out by 12:15pm--If you are late, try to find us at the Gap or Columbia Sportswear)

After taking our message to the stores, we will march to the Pacific Maritime Association office at 101 SW Main.

Join Jobs with Justice to tell the West Coast Waterfront Coalition and their corporate members NO MORE FEDERAL INTERFERENCE IN PRIVATE LABOR NEGOTIATIONS.

The Pacific Maritime Association closed down all West Coast ports, locking out ILWU workers last Friday, then again on Sunday. The West Coast Waterfront Coalition has gone on the offensive--telling their members to call Congress and the Bush administration to demand federal intervention. Columbia Sportswear, the Gap, Home Depot, Target and other corporations are part of the West Coast Waterfont Coalition.

We are making headway--Payless Shoesource has made statements against federal interference and Columbia Sportswear have started talking to us about it.

This contract fight not only affects the thousands of Longshore Union members up and down the West Coast, but also all other contract struggles coming up - reaching working people everywhere.

For more information, call Jobs with Justice: 503-236-5573

phone: phone: 503-236-5573

Just a question 02.Oct.2002 15:34


Is JWJ a union organization?

As far as I understand... 02.Oct.2002 19:48

about JwJ

JwJ is, as far as I understand, a coalition of progressive organizations which includes, but is not limited to, labor unions.

I thought so 02.Oct.2002 22:33

not curious anymore

So the answer is no. I thought so, just a bunch of hypocrites.

What the hell is that supposed to mean 03.Oct.2002 01:32

Like, really.

First off the answer isn't "no" it's "yes and no" - not all the groups involved with JwJ are labor unions, but the majority are.
Second, how the fuck does that make them hypocrites? Please give me you're stupid reasons why community organizations like JwJ shouldn't support locked out dockworkers in the most important labor struggle in the US since Reagan sacked the air traffic controllers. Please do, I live to refute idiots like you (I assume you're an idiot since you sling the accusation of hypocrisy around without offering any explanation to back it up)

This time read more carefully 03.Oct.2002 11:39


First of all, I never said that community groups should not support the dockworkers. Go back and read my post again and then apply the name idiot to yourself for not being able to accurately READ.

Now before calling my reasons for thinking that JWJ are hypocrites STUPID, how about I tell you why I think that way. If you dont agree, that is ok. I wont call you stupid. You are entitled to your opinion as I should be entitled to mine.

I find it somewhat interesting when a group is pro-union, but yet they are not unionized themselves. It seems rather hypocritical to me. Its like saying, "hey support the unions, the unions are great, but we arent union and we "employ" non-union people. Its like when the union employs street kids to hand out their propaganda flyers. It is in essence supporting non-union labor.

Secondly, I have seen your group a few times and it begs the question of where do your members shop? You protest a few select retail stores in your "union-busting thats disgusting" theme. However, Im willing to bet that none of the clothing that any of you were wearing was made with union labor. The bullhorn was not made by union labor and the drums you play are not made with union labor. The bikes that you travel on are not made by union labor and the shoes you wear... etc.

So how did you get on your high horse? Please respond in a mature manner trying not to use such eloquent words such as fuck and idiot so its worth my time reading. Also, if you choose to quote me, please use words or sentences that were actually used in my post, not your words.