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Destruction of America…Conspiracy or Consensus?

Are the unconstitutional changes in our government that are destroying our republic new in origin, or are they a planned and plotted take over that has been going on for almost 200 years? Yes there is a plan for world domination! Yes there is a plan to take control of America. It is one that is so blatant; it is even stated on the back of our one-dollar bill. "Annuit Coeptis NOVUS ORODO SECLORUM." Announcing the birth of the NEW WORLD ORDER! Shades of George Herbert Walker Bush!
May 1, 1776 marked the founding of the Illuminati by Dr. Adam Weishaupt, Professor of Cannon Law at the University of Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. A secret society whose goal was to establish this "Novus Ordo Seclorum" (See Encyclopedia Britannica 1939 ed. Vol. 12 p.100)
July 16, 1782 at the Congress of Wilhelm bad the alliance of the Illuminati with Freemasonry was sealed. The Illuminati took great strides forward with the 3 million plus members, and the plan was thus underway for the spread in secret of the Illuminati's goal throughout the World.
In 1785 by a quirk of fate, a courier named Lanze was struck by lightning in Ratisbon (Regensberg) Germany. He was found to be caring a plan for the take over of France from Frankfurt to Paris. This plan from the high councils of the Illuminati laid out the protocols for the complete take over of France, then Russia.
The discovery of these documents was so shocking to Bavarian authorities, October11, 1785 they raided the home of Herr von Zwack. Documents by Weishaupt seized by official laid out a plan for a "Universal revolution that should deal a death blow to society... this revolution will be the work of secret societies, and that is one of our greatest mysteries." Bavarian authorities were so shocked and alarmed by all they found they tried to warn France, Russia and the rest of the world by publishing the Original Writings of the Order and Sect of the Illuminati. Little heed was paid to this warning and the secret plans moved on almost undisturbed.
In America the War for independence was well under way, although the Constitution had not yet been adopted, the Illuminati had 15 lodges established in the 13 original colonies. 1785 marked the founding of the New York City Columbian Lodge hosting such notable members as; Governor De Witt Clinton, and later Clinton Roosevelt, Horace Greely, and Charles Dana.
When rumors and stories began to fly of Weishaupt and the Illuminati, a man later identified with the group, Thomas Jefferson came to his defense stating he was only an "enthusiastic philanthropist."
By 1798, the knowledge of the Illuminati had grown to some extent worrying those in high places. So much so David Pappen of Harvard University warned the graduating class July 19, 1798 of the influence of the Illuminati. Not to be out done Timothy Dwight of Yale University issued similar warnings.
1798 seemed the year to send stout warnings to America of the Illuminati. George Washington sent a letter in that year to G.W. Snyder, warning of "diabolic tenets... of democratic societies in the United States... .who's object was the separation of the people from their government," Which was only the tip of the iceberg of his feelings. In his farewell address Washington warning of the enemies trying to overthrow the republic said of plans designed to "direct and control and counteract... .constitutional authorities... destructive of this fundamental principles and of fatal tendency."
In 1830, Weishaupt died at the age of 82. By 1834, Giuseppe Mazzini an Italian revolutionary was elected director of the Illuminati revolutionary program around the world. Moses Mordecai Marx Levy a.k.a. Karl Marx was hired by the illuminati to write the Communist Manifesto in 1847 after joining the Illuminati front the League of the Just. Marx was given little recognition in fact his name did not even appear until nearly 20 years later on the document. Noted historians would agree that the manifesto was truly the work of Adam Weishaupt and Clinton Roosevelt.
Albert Pike the head of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry was hand picked by Giuseppe Mazzini to head the Illuminati. Pike who also was the man started the Ku Klux Klan was also a devoted worshiper of Lucifer. Instructions given to the 23 Supreme Councils dated July 14,1898 he stated, " The Doctrine of Satanism is heresy! And the true and pure philosophic religion is the belief in Lucifer... God of Light." (See Occult Theocracy by Lady Queensborough pp220-221)
Albert pikes plan for world domination was well throughout. He made notes of his plan in a letter displayed in the British Museum Library dated August 15, 1871 to Giuseppe Mazzini graphically detailing 3 world wars and many revolutionary wars. " We (the Illuminati) shall unleash the Nihilists and the Atheists and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of the civilizations, and the multitude disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirit will from that moment be without compass (direction), anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the pure light of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view, a manifestation which will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."
With such information jumping from the pages of history, why do those in Masonry refuse to believe what is being said? Knowing there are many who joined the Masons and Shiner's to try to do good within their community. In a letter to Pike dated January 22,1870, Mazzini, who was the head of the Grand Orient Lodge wrote;
We must allow all of the federations to continue just as they are, with their systems, their central authorities and their diverse modes of correspondence between high grades of the same rite, organized as they are at present, but we must create a super rite, which will remain unknown, to which we will call those Masons of high degree whom we shall select. With regard to our brothers in Masonry, these men must be pledges to the strictest secrecy. Through this supreme rite, we will govern all Freemasonry which will become the one international center, the more powerful because its direction will be unknown." (Occult Theocracy, pp 208-209)
Marx organized the International Workingman's Association in London in 1864, later to be known as the 1st Socialist International. By 1872 it had merged with the Socialist Party of New York after it's move there. The 2nd Socialist International was started on July 14,1889. Moving along with the spread of Communism the tool of the Illuminati.
V.I. Ulianov (A.K.A) Lenin marched onto the scene along with the Fabian Society making headway wit the plans as outlined by Weishaupt, Roosevelt and Marks and Pike. That is to say to the creation of a classless socialistic one-world society.
The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 was one of the bloodiest, most brutal conquests of a nation. After the murder of the Czar and his whole family not even sparing children. 106 MILLION Christians were killed from the revolution through Stalin rein, in the most heinous genocide imaginable. Historians agree, but the mainstream press of today will tell you nothing of these atrocities.
Leon Bronstein (A.K.A.)Trotsky. and 300 revolutionaries left New York on the S.S. Kristianiafjord bound for Petrograd. They were all detained, when their ship docked in Nova Scotia, Canada on April 13 1917 under authority of the British Admiralty. Under pressure from London and the US released Trotsky and his group. Jennings C. Wise in Woodrow Wilson: Disciple of Revolution, shows clearly that Wilson made it possible for Trotsky and his group of thugs to enter Russia by providing him with an American Passport. "Trotsky arrived from the United States, followed by over 300 Jews from the East End of New York and joined up with the Bolshevik. Party." (The Surrender of an empire by Nesta Webster p.73)
Trotsky awaited the arrival of Lenin in Petrograd. The train carrying Lenin from Switzerland along with 32 revolutionaries and $20 million in gold donated by the Rockefellers and Jacob Schiff wealthy American bankers. Further funding came from the Rothchild/ Warburg bank in Frankfurt.
Max and his Brother Paul Warburg would be shown by history to be the same to shackle America with the Federal Reserve Bank, which was neither federal nor governmental. It was an unconstitutional privately controlled central bank as put forth in the top 10 planks communist manifesto.
"Individual revolutionary leaders of Kahazar/Jewish origin- such as Trotsky, Zinoniev, Kamanev, and Sverdlov, played a conspicuous part in the revolution of November, 1917." (Universal Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. 10 p.668) Also, to be noted in this group, are Stalin, Kaganovich, Beria, Molotov and Litvinoff.
"According to the data furnished by the Soviet press, out of 556 important functionaries of the Bolshevik State... . there were in 1918-1919, 17 Russians, 2 Ukrainians, 11 Armenians, 35 Letts, 15 Germans, 10 Georgians, 3 poles, 3 Finns, 1 Karaim, 457 (Kahazar) Jews." " (Robert Wilton Russian Correspondent London Times see Iron Curtain Over America, by Col. John Beaty p28-29)
The May, 1905 National Geographic Magazine published a15 page article By William Elroy Curtis entitled "The Russian Revolution" dealing with the very beginnings of the Russian Revolutions in 1908 in which he states "Because the revolutionary leaders nearly all belonging to the Jewish race and the most effective revolutionary agency is the (Kahazar) Jewish Bund. Which has its headquarters in Bialystok, where the massacre occurred last June. The government has suffered more from that race than from all of it's other subjects combined. Whenever a desperate deed is done by a (Kahazar) Jew, there is scarcely one loyal member of that race in the empire." Mr. Curtis covered well the Czars. Their iron fisted rule down to the days of liberalism giving the working class as well as the (Kahazar) Jews, the ability to receive an education in the universities of Russia and promoting the same.
(You will note (Kahazars) in reference to the Jews. The bracketed Kahazars was of my insertion. Reason being follows. So you will understand that I am not being "anti-Semitic", suggest you read "The 13th Tribe by Arthur Koestler a noted Jewish historian)
The Kahazars were a fierce Mongol tribe in northern Russia of Turkish Mongol decent. They accepted the Jewish religion in 741 A.D. Their Kagan (chieftain) Bulan, who bore the Hebrew name Obadiah after conversion. He had summoned the representatives of Islam and the Roman Catholic as well as the Jewish religions. His decision to take on the Jewish faith was politically astute. If he had accepted Catholicism, he would have been under the rule of the Byzantine Empire. If Islam, he would have been controlled by the Caliph. Upon accepting Judaism and the Babylonian Talmud, his subjects under threat of death accepted the Jewish religion. So Much so in fact within 100 years they considered themselves direct descendants of ancient Israel. Nothing however could be further from the truth. The Kahazars were of Turkish/ Mongolian decent and were akin to Edom and not Israel.
The acceptance of the Babylonian Talmud rather than the Jerusalem Talmud is of specific note. Professor H. Graetz in the History of the Jews 9Vol.2 1893, pp 631) states "the Talmud must not be regarded as an ordinary work, composed of 12 volumes; it possesses absolutely no similarity to any other literary production... but forms a world of it's own... the Babylonian Talmud... became the fundamental possession of the Jewish Race, life the life breath, its very soul."
The Talmud in Zionism is accepted over the Torah, the first five books of Moses, as the higher authority. It deals in over 12,000 controls under which they lived teaching them acceptance of authoritarian dictation on everything from their immorality to their trade practices. Due to these, the regimentation of Marxism was readily acceptable.
An American author by the name of Frank Britton wrote a book entitled "Behind Communism" in the 50's, which detailed much of the above information also. He was brutally slain for publishing this information. On the other H.G. Wells in his voluminous work "History of the World" mentioned this information quite freely (along with over 1,200 pages of other information), and was never challenged.
Henry Ford Sr. published "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" and put one in the glove compartment of every model "T" sold. This was the translation of the infamous works of the Illuminati previously mentioned in Bavaria. Yes many of the founders of the Illuminati were Jewish, just as the international bankers, communists, etc. It must here however be noted the Kahazar Jews were Zionists. The most politically radical of all, These Zionists were the mainstream radicals of every communist and revolutionary movement
(ED. NOTE this is not to put down in any way those Jews that follow the Torah and the Israeli Talmud. Those that are the descendants of Judah and Benjamin. Those who love America, or the countries in which the dwell in peace. One MUST understand the difference in these people in order to understand the reasons behind the downfall of the United States and other countries that have fallen to communism.
If I had been writing about the turbulent 50-60 civil rights movements I would have been naming Ku Klux Klan leaders. I would have also named names of any black activist that acted with violence and murder with the same varsity. If Cambodia, the Comeir Rogue, and Pol Pot. The point being violence and murder, the perpetrators of both in any "movement" are usually being lead or pushed by controlling handlers. If not, then they are themselves, agent provocateurs of Illuminati, communist, or government.
These agents cause turmoil, strife and warfare, meeting the stated Illuminati goal of "order out of chaos." The leaders of each these groups consider themselves the "elite" superior to the masses. The masses are the unwashed, no more than cattle and asses, to be used to the goals of those groups. You the reader must realize anytime anyone, white, black, red, yellow, brown or any shade in between considers himself superior and elite, you will have that person exerting dictatorial controls. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot are good examples of what you get when you follow those feelings to their ultimate end.
As for myself, I am superior to no man for I have fallen short of the Glory of the Father; it is only through his grace I have any hope at all. )
Russian General Arsene De Goulevitch stated, "The main purveyors of funds for the revolution, however, were neither crackpot Russian millionaires nor the armed bandits of Lenin. The real money primarily came from certain British and American circles which for a long time past lent their support to the Russian revolutionary cause...
"The important part played by the wealthy American Banker Jacob Schiff, in the events in Russia... is no longer a secret." (Czarism and the Revolution Arsene De Goulevitch.)
The English to be exact "Sir George Buchannan and Lord (Alfred) Milner gave over 21 million rubles in financing the Russian Revolution." (New York Journal, Feb.3, 1949) It should be noted here that Milner was nothing more than a front for the Rothschild Banking organization, a major part of the Illuminati international banking fraternity.
Colonel Edward Mandel House Cabled President Wilson November 28, 1917 "it is exceedingly important that such criticism should be suppressed." He was commenting on the extreme negative press being put forward in the American press of the Bolshevik Revolution.
Colonel House founder of the Council on Foreign Relations another Illuminati group that seeks the goal of world government. House in his book Philip Dru Administrator stated he wished the establishment of "Socialism as dreamed of by Karl Marks." In this book house wrote he outlined communist/socialist Illuminati goals of a central bank, income tax, all of which is strait out of the Communist Manifesto.
President Wilson once said of House; "Mr. House is my second personality. He is my independent self. His thoughts and mine are one. If I were in his place, I would just do as he suggested." (Intimate Papers of Colonel House edited by Charles Seymour Vol. 1 p.114)
On January 8, 1918, President Wilson, called for the formation of the League of Nations in an address before Congress. Although this would be rejected, it did lead to the gradual acceptance of the United Nations. Just another step to Pikes, New World Order.
The United States had drawn into World War I (1914-1918) by the sinking of the Lusitanian after leaving New York May 1, 1915. This ship although a "passenger liner" was loaded with large quantities of high explosives. The German officials in the US had given warning repeatedly that their lives were in danger. May 7th a German sunk the floating bomb and 1201 lives were lost many Americans. This "war to end all wars actually made the US a giant military power. A goal of the Illuminati
The treaty of Versailles signed to end the hostilities of WW I, destroyed the German merchant fleet. The beginning of the banker's economic collapse of the German economy, a step towards WW II.
V.I. Lenin was to lay out the second phase of Pike's plan for world dominion. He stated "First, we will take Eastern Europe, then the masses of Asia. Then we will encircle the United States, which will be the last bastion of capitalism. We shall not have to attack. It will fall like a ripe grapefruit into our hands.
Dimitry Manuliski, Professor at the Lenin School of Political Warfare in Moscow Stated;
"War to the hilt between communism and capitalism is inevitable. Today of course, we are not strong enough to attack. Our time will come in thirty to forty years. To win, we shall need the element of surprise. The western world will have to be put to sleep, so we shall begin by the most spectacular peace movement on record. (Note: perestroika) There shall be an electrifying overtures and unheard of concessions. The capitalist countries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice to cooperate to their own destruction. They will leap at another chance to be friends. As soon as their guard is down, we shall smash them with our clenched fist."
The goals of the Illuminati were being met like clockwork. The U.S. State department was being packed with socialists (communists) and persons receptive to their goals, liberals. J. Edgar Hoover warned us of the same; "To dismiss lightly the existence of the subversive threat in the United States is to deliberately commit national suicide. In some quarters we are doing exactly that."
As the goal towards a second world war to be realized was being fostered, fostered to make Russia a military power, the power elite financed both sides. The Warburg controlled Mendelson Bank of Amsterdam and also J. Schroeder Bank having branches in Frankfurt, New York & London underwrote huge loans to Adolph Hitler. It should be noted here the legal counsels senior partners for Schroeder were none other than John Foster & Allen Dulles (both of Council of Foreign Relations membership) Men you will see that play heavy rolls in foreign policy.
The Russian/Hitler non-aggression pack was written in 1939. Hitler forces divided Poland with Russia giving Russia a firm foothold. The Illuminati elites finance Britton and France in war with Germany Britton France. Russia with Roosevelt's help of millions of US dollars does the ultimate double cross on Hitler accepting our help. Hitler betrayed attacks Russia... and war rages.
Japan economy had systematically been destroyed in much the same as Germany and sided with Germany. There planned attack on The US however was no surprise. Even the History channel has admitted the top brass and White House Officials knew weeks in advance of the bombing of Pear Harbor. (Suggested reading The Final Secrets Pearl Harbor by Rear Admiral Robert A. Thebold & Warlords of Washington by Anthony Hilder)
Americans did not want war. Brainwashing in press for support and the ultimate problem in the form of an attack upon Pearl Harbor was enough to get the patriotic Americans to their feet. We geared up for war. American love of their country had been used as a weapon against them.
We all know the end of the story of WWII, as it is history. But many don't realize how we got there, or how or for what purposes we were manipulated there.
The US was made a power by the first world war Russia was to be made a power by the second war. Near the end of the German end of the war Hitler was willing to surrender but the US & Britton refused. Rudolph Hess had been sent by the German high command to convince Briton they would get rid of Hitler IF Briton would help them stop Russia. Hess was imprisoned for the rest of his life and spent the wears after the war in Standow Prison.
Russia was not stopped and Germany was destroyed. The fact is history, Eisenhower after approaching Berlin he pulled American troops back and allowed Russia to take Berlin. Half of Germany and much of Europe was given to Russia on a silver platter.
At the Conference at Yalta the spoils were divided up Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill. Plans for taking Korea, Vietnam, as well as the divvying up of the spoils of WW II were all decided here. The Illuminati Plans laid long before. (Suggested reading: Iron Curtain Over America by Col. John Beaty)
I could spend chapters, pages and many hours trying to explain all the happenings behind the scene in WWII, Korea, Vietnam. They however could be summed up in two words Hegelian Dialectic. To those that do not understand the term, which many do not; Problem, Reaction, Solution. You first create a problem, you scare the people with it, and then you offer them YOUR solution, which they would have NEVER been willing to accept, unless you created the problem to begin with.
After giving Russia half of Germany and its assets V1 & V2 rocket bases, submarine bases & subs, precision optics factories, fighter planes jet engine factories, they were a world power. Just like that. Eleven nations, given to the hands of Russia under the butcher Stalin. At once the people were shipped to every part of the communist Russia. Latavia, Lithuania, Estonia, three complete nationalities destroyed through GENOCIDE, all approved by our president in what was known as OPERATION KEELHAUL. Which I might add is a term used for the most brutal punishment at sea. Tying a rope to the person's feet and throwing them overboard at the front of the ship where the rope is tied. The person would be scraped along the bottom of the ship, against barnacles and what ever rough surfaces they were pounded against before dying. Quite a fitting code name for the destruction of sovereign nations and their people. Lenin's plan for taking Eastern Europe was well under way.
Enter the United Nations their soldiers are called "Peace Keepers". The UN has been involved in hundreds of conflicts around the world killing millions, bringing true peace to none. The UN Treaty accepted the UN in the US. Treaty supercedes law. Case in point, Sei Fujii vs. the State of California Justice Emmet H. Wilson decided that "an existing law of a state is unenforceable because of the United Nations Charter" Doesn't it sound is if we must worry about the destruction of nation sovereignty, you bet! They passed a resolution giving part of Palestine to the Jews for a homeland & promised in the same words a Palestinian State that has to this date still not been granted.
China was not communist. In fact there were only a million communists in a land of a billion. We had kept the communists in check in China with Chiang Kai-Shek, the mainland anti-communist leader. Chiang sought a democracy for his people. He was educated in America, and loyal to US. (Which is more than could be said for our leaders.) After Roosevelt died at Yalta with Alger Hiss (State Dept. "Director of Special Political Affairs"`) at his side as well as General Marshall (none other than the man responsible for not warning the commanders at Pearl Harbor of the coming attack and was also Chief of Staff of the US Army). Truman (33rd degree Mason) assumed the Presidency. Under Truman, Chiang was not to be given support of the US. In fact a US Navel blockade cut his final hopes at Formosa. China fell to the Communists. Mao Tse-tung the commander of communist forces had been hand picked by Stalin
The Marshall plan underway rebuilding Europe and giving much of it to Russia. Communism flourishes. Stalin murders millions. Truman issued a plan to "stop communism". Where? Korea! After throwing away China to the communists. Alger Hiss was later convicted of being a soviet agent in the State Dept. during the House Committee on Un-American Activities.
Korea (communism) was the problem; the people were scared of communism (as well they should be!) But it was not the communists in Korea that should have worried us; it should have been the ones in the US State Department! Truman covered his rear, he called this "a police action" Solution. If it had been a declared war he could have easily been guilty of HIGH TREASON! (Article III, Section 3 paragraph 1) Giving aid and comfort to the enemy! The North Korean Army could shoot at us using any weapon they had and run across the 38th parallel. MacArthur was not allowed to conduct air reconnaissance across it, send troops across it, bomb across it, nothing! Yet we were supplying Mainland China 2100 tons of rubber along with our former allies sending needed war material'. More than half the time we were fighting Chinese troops caring material supplied by allies & US! What is that but treason?
Korea was a United Nations Mission, their first major conflict. General Ridgway was "under orders not to win" General Douglas MacArthur was dismissed for trying to win. One thing you must remember the commander of all UN troops has been and always been either Russian or communist. In a war fighting communists it seems kind of absurd that all orders for major troop placement and moves has to be cleared through a communist! The UN top founders all 45 were communists! Korea a stalemate, and how many lives lost? Beginning of the goal to take Asia well under way.
Our State Dept., packed with communists and sympathizers took a toll on our nation through more totalitarian laws, and the loss of free countries to communist. An army comes in with force you can see and fight, a traitor gnaws away at the insides until the body of the country is so sick it dies!
Vietnam was fought by the French first, but they could not win. So Eisenhower jumps in feet first into another UN "police Action!" Problem, Reaction, Solution! Money! Money! Money! The war machines they buzz. The factories gear up. Out pops the products of war. The bankers finance Russia, they finance the US. They win no matter who looses!
Enter John F. Kennedy President of the United States. Kennedy went along with the Vietnam ball game at first. He went along with Standard Operating Procedure. One thing about JFK though, he was too rich to be bought. Yes he did some things that I may not agree such as public law 7277. This law was ominous. It was for the complete disarmament of all nations. It was to be done in three phases. It would build down the US and Russian military while building up the UN military force. The ultimate goal was that NO nation
would be able to take on the UN military. We see this coming into being with Desert Storm.
Kennedy however after finding out about the Northwood Documents was horrified. Northwood was plan to hijack planes blow them up, blow up ships, attack our own base and MORE. All to get a war started with Cuba. The bay of pigs (Project Mongoose) came out about this time. It really ticked off the Iron Triangle (Military, Congressional procurement for war, war manufacturers).
Kennedy wanted to be a president for the people. He wanted to make America better, and better for us. He was horrified at the CIA for Northwood and made plans to throw them to the four winds. He printed $50 million United States Notes, not Federal Reserve Debt notes. He wanted to bring us back to constitutional money system. He said we have no business in Vietnam pulled out 1500 troops and observers and said he would have the rest out by the end of the year. Before the end of the year came, November 22, 1963, they blew his head off. They had their patsy set up Lee Harvey Oswald.
Science has proven there is no way for Oswald to have made the shots required. No mater what Senator Sphincter says. The Magic Bullet theory was just that, a theory, and a theory that doesn't work. The Warren Commission Report was nothing more than volumes of information gathered to disprove a conspiracy that did exist.
George Herbert Walker Bush former OSS, the forerunner of the CIA, Ambassador of the UN to China, Director of the Council on Foreign Relations, Director Trilateral Commission, Member of the board of directors of the Carlyle Group (majority stock holder: Bin Laden), former owner Zapata Oil, former VP Seale Drug Company, and oh so much more! None other than director of covert operations of the CIA November 22, 1963. Bingo! (TO BE CONTINUED!)
Embrace Chaos 02.Oct.2002 12:11


Let's face it nobody "really" knows what's going on, least of all Bush Jr. (he's just a virtual reality program that exists on tv). The Ilimunati are a bunch of inept infighters that think they control things but don't, they're too busy trying to outwit one another . Hail Eris her mighty Discord continues to confound us all.

comments 02.Oct.2002 22:20


We will only have our logical conclusions for proof of the who and why of jfk's murder. warren report secret files,
agent orange vietnam vet files, and HUD archives were all destroyed. Other things besides the lives of loved ones lost in ok.ok..

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.'

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lighly upon you, and posterity forget that ye were our countrymen." Samuel Adams, speech at the Philadelphia State House, August 1, 1776.