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Not in Our Name - Talking Points

Not in Our Name - Talking Points

for the October 5-7th EVENTS

George Bush says either you are with us or against us. Here's our answer:

October 6th is the Anniversary of the beginning of the bombing of Afghanistan and the beginning of our government?s whole war on the people of the world. Oct 6 will be a powerful declaration that this war is unjust, immoral and illegitimate and we Pledge to STOP IT.


  1. We will bring all the streams of protest and resistance, on every front of this war, together into a mass convergence that will challenge all in this country who care to make their voices louder, to make their actions bolder, to build their movements broader.
  2. Converge in our thousands to stand together and take the Not In Our Name Pledge to Resist in unison -- to make it known to the world that we are committing from this day forward to oppose every act of war and repression. Period.


  1. There are times when people have to take a stand against their own government. We will do it and inspire others to do the same.
  2. Thousands of youth and students will take the historical stage and SAY: No! We won?t fight your war!
  3. All the UPS workers, postal workers, truckers and librarians and others who have been called on to spy on their neighbors and reports "suspicious" people to the authorities will say NO! We won?t be snitches!


  1. In the streets, where we work, at church?everywhere!
  2. Looking to move all of society to stand with the people of the world against this war.


The war is unjust, illegitimate and immoral and people are sickened.

  1. Already many of the family members who lost loved ones in the twin towers in NY have come out against the war. They do not want this bombing and killing done in Their Name.
  2. Every time George Bush speaks he sickens and disgusts more people;
  3. Every time Ashcorft talks about how questioning and criticizing the government should not be allowed-more people are alienated from their government.
  4. Every time Rumsfeld gets up and talks about the murders of families and children like they were so many ants to be crushed without feeling or remorse?more people hate what this war is doing and what to fight back against it.


Look at what our government has done in just one year of war!

  1. Over 3,000 innocent Afghan people have been killed-bombed, shot, incinerated, blown up, etc.
  2. Another 20,000 Afghan people have died because the our government dropped 18,000 missiles, bombs and other explosives on the poorest country in the world ? result: no food aid, no housing, no medicine=death
  3. People who are Arab or Muslim or South Asian from countries like Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Pakistan and so on have been branded terrorists or suspected terrorist
  4. Over 2,000 people have been rounded up and kidnapped off the street by the FBI and sent to prisons, detentions centers, deported or unknown
  5. The government refuses to give over their names in the interest of national "security".
  6. Right now people are being held without charges, without legal representation, without notice to their families indefinitely.
  7. Others are deported, others are taken to other countries where us supported dictator regimes like Jordan can torture them.
  8. This state sanctioned racial profiling has been extended to jobs, tourists, immigrants?new policy just implemented requires people from designated countries to be finger printed and photographed upon entry to the country.
  9. Professors, airline workers, medical students, leaders of organizations have been fired for their ethnicity or speaking out
  10. 800 people from every continent in the world being held in tiger cages on Guantanamo Bay -- no Geneva Conventions, no international law, no legal recourse nothing. Just George Bush pointed his finger and saying, "get ?em!" Who is next?


  1. Now more than ever the government needs our silence and acquiescence. Instead we will give determined protest.
  2. The government gives only lies and hypocritical logic: WE CAN BRING OUT THE TRUTH and win hearts and minds.
  3. Learning from history: what difference would it have made if people in their tens of thousands and then millions had stepped forward to pledge to resist against the genocide of the Jewish people of the interment of the Japanese people?
  4. What would you have done then. What will you do now?
  5. The Events taking place nationally on October 6th will demonstrate our power to ourselves and the country and inspire others to step forward and join the movement against what our government is doing and is preparing to do.