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9.11 investigation

left establishment denial validates Iraq war

Let's be frank. At the heart of the "Left" establishment's pro-war stance
is their refusal to recognize the legitimacy of alternative 9/11 research
and the imperative to question the US government's lies about what
happened, how, and why.
Let's be frank. At the heart of the "Left" establishment's pro-war stance
is their refusal to recognize the legitimacy of alternative 9/11 research
and the imperative to question the US government's lies about what
happened, how, and why. the "Left" establishment have bought the government
story hook line and sinker from the start, and have refused to make even
the weakest challenges to official lies and coverups, even in areas which
are factually rock-solid and require no speculation at all, such as the
still-unexplained insider stock trades. now, there is just a little
cowardly lip service being paid here and there, but so little effort or
passion behind it that it's more of an insult to the truth than saying
nothing at all.

The Left media figures who are now strutting around with their "anti-war"
poses vis a vis Iraq are flagrantly hypocritical if they do not also join
in the urgent effort to investigate and expose the truth of 9/11. The lies
and contradictions from the US govt. about 9/11 prior warnings and the
impossible inconsistencies in the official narrative about the 9/11
"terrorist" plot are every bit as serious and deserving of attention as the
farrago of bulls**t and disinfo being served up to try and justify the new
Iraq war. there is a HUGE double-standard being applied here.

By ridiculing alternative 9/11 researchers as "conspiracy theorists" and
creating a reprehensibly childish atmosphere of stifling peer pressure to
keep the subject out of the Left's discussions, the Left establishment have
inherently taken up a position defending the very pretext for the "war on
terrorism". folks, read the goddamn establishment analysis these days; read
the latest issue of Foreign Affairs from cover to cover. the now severely
dubious idea that al qaeda terrorists were able to evade the giant US intel
establishment and bypass all defenses, taking us by "surprise", is EXACTLY
the singular pretext for the "Bush Doctrine" of pre-emptive military action
against other nations in the name of "defence". it is EXACTLY the singular
pretext that has been used to drive us to the brink of armageddon in the
Persian Gulf, and on top of this, even the factions of the US establishment
that don't want to rush into war on Iraq are merely arguing that it will
endanger continuing the "war on terror." and the "Left" establishment are
falling into line with this good-cop / bad-cop game. the whole situation
stinks to high heaven.

deal with it folks. i'm sick as s**t of this egoistical blindness and foot
dragging of the "Left" on this. even from the most cautious and
conservative interpretation of the known facts, the Bush admin. and high US
military officials are guilty of -- at the very least -- TREASONOUS
NEGLIGENCE, and should have been up against the ropes long ago. the fact
that the Bush admin has gotten this far in their war plans the first place
is a f**king travesty. i'm pissed, and very little of the current
robotically cookie-cutter, single-issue "antiwar" bluster impresses me much
at all. a question: how likely is it that the bush admin would have
survived the summer's corporate scandals if they had already been under
pressure from a massive surge of public allegations and protest for a 9/11
investigation following the "memogate" scandal last spring?

instead, the Solomons, Alberts, Chomskys, Benskys, Berlets, Corns, and
their crusading followers helped in a crucial way to nip that in the bud
with their pompous, utterly inappropriate, excessive, and ill-timed
"conspiracy" bashing.

now, we may be royally screwed. the Fourth Reich's burning of the Reichstag
is shaping up to have been a smashing success.


originally posted as a comment to "The Pro-War Left" at  http://www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=206280
The real left have been driven underground 02.Oct.2002 12:10

Cort Greene

I don't know if you would know a leftist in Portland if you saw one!!!There are a few but the Liberal Capitalist's or the anarchist's are not leftists.They are anti working class to begin with and their ego's and slander have made people not wanting to work with them.

FACT! 02.Oct.2002 15:34

Cort Greene

Also, I might add that I am a total fucking moron, and anybody who puts any stock into my ambiguous, blanketing statements as to the character of each and every person in a "group" that I have invented for them needs to learn how to chew ideas thoroughly before swallowing them. In other words: Think for yourself.

What is left? 02.Oct.2002 15:38

That patriot guy

Dear genuine antiwar.

What is left? I ask this because the people you name represent the left hand of the machine, and not the left hand of society.

The included weblink is to an article I discovered on Mike Ruppert's web page:

"A new and terrific web site exposes how the controlled left press including The Nation, FAIR, Pacifica, Z Magazine, Noam Chomsky and many other "liberal" icons are influenced and/or controlled by big business and intelligence interests. Incredible work by Bob Feldman and Brian Salter. These are the publications and entities that have waged an all-out war against Mike Ruppert."

Once we understand that mainstream left is really just CIA left, then we begin to come to terms with the power and the stategy of the 4th Reich.

By the way, you are a patriot. Continue to demand answers and reach out to the TV blobs, Christians and co-workers.