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Portland Police CRC meeting

What went down last night
Well, I almost wish I had gone to the "after Bike Summer" meeting at City Bikes instead. Attending the CRC meeting were 2 members of CopWatch, 4 concerned individuals, two of which had had recent negative interactions with the PPB, and myself. Of interesting note were the 2 guests that spoke to the Committee at some length relative to their hiring to complete a report focused on shooting during the years 1997-2000. They were from a non-profit organization in Los Angeles called PARC who also investigated and wrote recommendations for Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. Boss Sheriff Peter Pitchess, the man who fine-tuned all of our beloved Sheriff of Portland's skills (notice how that came out sounding a little bit reminiscent of "Sheriff of Nottingham"). The only result, after a long-winded diatribe by the esteemed visitors to our fair city was that during a short Q&A session allowed by the Committee, was that those assembled are still displeased with lack of any true response by the official police review of Mr. Rosenthal's office to any police misconduct in the recent past. Afterwards, it was also noted that it is under PPB directive that they have to wear nametags and always identify themselves by name and badge #, with the Committee being informed that some officers continue to defy that directive. The CCR was also given notice that the crowd "situations" during which the PPB have displayed very poor judgement of late are only going to continue and even grow larger, so they had better get their act together before it causes undue financial strain upon the city, which is the only thing they see...the "bottom line"..not people.
You would have been better off not going 02.Oct.2002 12:03

Cort Greene

Sorry to say this but Copwatch is just a paper tiger type of group.They just want to watch!!!They think you can reform the police!!!Fat chance in hell!The police is nothing but a part of Capitalism to protect the rich.

To Cort Greene 02.Oct.2002 12:24


Cort Greene,
give me a break. this post was hardly about copwatch at all, and shouldnt serve as a starting point for some kinda half-assed copwatch-bashing post you put up. please try to stay focused.

sure, copwatch isnt for everyone, but the group is hardly some kinda empty, worthless entity. there is a wide spectrum of activism aimed at working to stop what the police and powers-that-be are doing in terms of abuse and violence. some people need different avenues to approach this problem, and copwatch is one such avenue.

true, they are fighting a nearly vertical uphill battle, but that doesn't mean they are worthless. for some, copwatch can be a stepping stone to more adamant anti-police activism, for others they are an outlet who provide some valuable information.

please try to stay on topic, and bash the police if you must, not people who are trying to fix them. offer some constructive advice. all we need is more "that group sucks!" in-fighting on indymedia, without a shred of real suggestions for progress.