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Breaking News! Halloween Critical Mass

Breaking News!!! Lamet Vali will ride in Portland's Halloween Critical Mass. And judge the pre-ride Lamet Vali lookalike contest! Win valuable prizes! FACT!
Yes Critical Massers and Lamet Vali fans, it's time to get your mullet on! Noted bicycle enthusiast and published author Lamet Vali has agreed to judge the First Annual Portland Halloween Critical Mass Lamet Vali Lookalike Contest. Valuable prizes await the lucky guy or gal who best captures the essence of Mr. Vali. FACT!

Contestants will be judged on hair, breath, and posture. Go all out!
hippie-let 02.Oct.2002 01:09


If i put a helmet on my long hair, it sort of looks like a mullet... is that close enough? I spose i could mount a gun rack instead of my panniers (pronounced pan-yay for all of you raised w/ mr. vali).

get yar (H)allow even inspiration here 02.Oct.2002 02:26


now I too know what a mullet is (something long since familiar but that people would make a lifetime consuming fetishcollection of it AND link to people fetishizing the word toe but instead of mullets (or toes) collects pics of broads BUT ALSO LINK TO ((which feels like implicates)) indymedia feels like disheartening knowledge somehow.

linx at  http://www.mulletsgalore.com (a google topscore):

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Why don't you all fight Capitalism instead!!! 02.Oct.2002 12:17

Cort Greene

If you think by only riding your bike , you are doing something to fight Capitalism you are sadly mistaken. You all must be a bunch of anarchists!!!!

RE: Mr. Green (Jeans) 02.Oct.2002 14:25

Lamet Vali

Where the hell did THAT come from?

If you put your BONG down long enough to actually read what has been WRITTEN you'd know that smashing Capitalism was not the issue HIPPIE! FACT!

Go ahead and bash Anarchists but do it with LOGIC! Make fun of them for eating garbage or something. THIS IS A FACT!

Mr. Green (Jeans) is obviously a troll of the most vile sort. Go peddle your hate someplace else. Like maybe a "shooting gallery" or "rave" you stinking lazy Hippie!

Hey Piet..... 02.Oct.2002 15:46

not to change the subject

Hey I noticed your link to Bangedup.com. Did you know that there is a local music artist featured on that site? Yes, its true! If you click on "Banged Boom" there are three or so songs that were written for the Web site. The one that was written by Kutnpaste is from right here in the Rose City. Its a couple of local dudes that record and produce in Portland. Check it out!!

mullets and shags 02.Oct.2002 16:37


i've been friends with people who've worn there hair in "mullet" style. what's wrong with a mullet? they were good enough people IMO.

i get tired of this we-need-SOMEONE-to-pick-on attitude that seems to pervade the social atmosphere here in the cynical West.

i'll stop making fun of jheri curls if some of you guys stop making fun of mullets, okay? maybe we can stop picking on each other.

mulling on mullets 03.Oct.2002 02:45

hurl butt rippers

Mullets are passe. FACT! But that gal from the Squirrel Nut Zippers shore wuz cute in one.