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Summary of Forest Activism events this season. (The version with working links)

Bah, finnialy, now i just need to proof-read it.

After a winter of braving snow, forest activists had a victory and a tragedy at Eagle Creek. The Eagle Creek timber sale was canceled. While Activists awiat written proof of cancelation, Beth "Horehound" O'Brien fell from the tree name truth and died. Vigils were held on Mount Tabor. Thewake was the first event Liberty Hall hosted, and the Hall was dedicated to Horehound. Also a membrances to here were printed in the Blackthorn Issue 1, Cascadia Forest Roots Issue 48, Earth First Journal and Green Canopy. A Shrine was errected at the base of truth, at the Cascadia Forest Alliance office, and in the homes and hearts of activists.

Never the less the spring campaing kicks off with weekly timber sale hikes and Rallies against Umpqua bank A rally and march in Portland draws over 500. Activists call for help to protect the Oak Grove Watershed.

Protests begin at the Borg timber sale Auction. Where Thomas Creek Lumber, twice convicted timber thefts, bought there second sale in the Oak Grove Watershed.

Just after the Little River Demo Timber Sale was Cancelled, An Action Camp kicks off in the Rogue Valley. Wild Rockies Earth First hangs a banner and blocks a logging truck.

Tree-sits begin to go up. The first was in Blodgett. Then one in at Berry-Patch where Ancient forests had been falling. Just after Bush Reject's Public demands to protect Roadless areas and Old Growth a treesit shows up in the Bitterroot.

Then after the Round River Rendevous an outpouring of Actions take place. In Portland Earth First! Shuts down Umpqua Holdings. Also a protest at the Clan Timber Sale Auction. A new treesit goes up in Mount Hood at the Solo Timber Sale. In Olympia Blockades stop Williams Company's drilling. In Eugene Umpqua Bank was greeted with stumps and sawdust. And in Southern Oregon activists linked arms in their senators office and demanded a meeting with him.

At berrypatch an activist was arrested, logging continues despite confirmed spotted-owl sightings. Soon after the tree-sit was cut off from supplies by forest service. The treesitter descends from her perch. The activists were suspicious of negothiator who arranged the deal.

Thomas Creek Lumber, those convicted timber thiefs we mentioned before, began logging at the Barstool timber sale in the Oak Grove watershed. And yet anothertree-sits shows up. This one at the Peak Timber sale, in the Rogue River. The Peak timber sale is a replacement volume sale awarded to Roseburg Forest Products. On July 25th Pitch was released from jail after a 4 month sentence from arrests at eagle creek, last summer. Just in time for the solo timber sale auction protest. Where the police used violence to get Thomas Creek Lumber's vice-president and his truck past the protesters. The newpapers demonize protesters.

Then in August out at the Bitterroot an activist is cut from lockbox in the treesit. Then some good old treespiking goes on in the Pryor timber sale and in the Gifford Pinchot national forests. The forest service storms out to the Solo Tree-sit and uses intimidation to evict the Base-camp. Roseburg forest products owner allen ford says "It is my duty to my community to log old growth I have no intention of stopping." Since he is the chairmen of Umpqua Bank, activists continue boycott the bank in downtown Roseburg.

August Comes to a close with activists blocking access to the borg timber sale. With some arrests on trumped up charges including charges from the solo timber sale auction. September starts just like August ends. Road blocks cut off access to the borg timber sale. And some arrests on trumped up charges including charges from the solo timber sale auction. This time a tree-sit went up in the timber sale at the same time.

After a number of severe burns in oregon ariel phots show that many burns where not very bad burns, just beneficial underburns. Despite that Congress starts playing around with Fire. Threating to drop or weaken enviromental protections and public comment from projects related to fire. Activists urge Wyden to oppose the return of the salvage rider. Then as the vote in congress seems eminant activists hold a vigil at the senators office. The next one was broken up by the police. The vote has been suspended till january.

Roseburg forest products began logging in the peak timber sale. This puts the just turned public tree-sit in danger. Many are arrested and someone reprts gunshots at the sale.

Meanwhile the activists arrested at borg are under attack, but at this point the Court is not pressing charges.

homepage: homepage: http://portland.indymedi.org/forestactivism/

funny you say that 02.Oct.2002 04:54

savior faire

looks like you forgot to proofread it. most of the posts about CFA or the fdrests on this page are not proofed.it makes it hard to read at times.

AND.... 02.Oct.2002 09:21


and....don't forget....
during all of this, the Fall Creek and Winberry tree-sits in the Willamette Nat'l Forest continued and are staying strong. Fall Creek has been going strong for 4 and a half years, and Winberry for 3 and a half !!!!

The Fall Creek Campaign is currently focusing its in-town efforts on pressuring Zip-O-Log Mills of Eugene to get out the sale while they can (their contract has been modified significantly due to red tree vole nest buffers.) Help us out by giving Jim Hallstrom a call, the owner of Zip-O and let 'em know how you feel about logging on public lands.
Jim Hallstrom, Zip-O -- 541-343-7758

and Winberry is waiting to hear if it is officially removed from the "Replacement Volume" program, which will be a huge victory, but we're not leaving until its cancelled once and for all!!!!!!! Allyn Ford of Roseburg Forest Products better learn his lesson one of these days....

Action Camp at Peak this weekend 02.Oct.2002 11:44

una ecologista

Portland support needed!

OCTOBER 4-6, 2002

Skill Sharing and Hikes:
Timber sale monitoring
Backwoods Medicine
Know your rights

The Peak timber sale threatens 660 acres of native forest in the upper Rogue River watershed. This area is home to spotted owl, peregrine falcon, and the elusive Pacific fisher. Forest defenders have been occupying the Peak timber sale since July. Come learn more about public lands logging and ways to get involved.

Directions to the action camp: From Medford, take Highway 62 north to Highway 230. Turn left on FS road 6510. Cross bridge over Rogue River and continue for about a mile to the rendezvous spot for further directions. From Roseburg, take Highway 138 east to Highway 230. Turn left on FS 6510.
The camp will be located on PUBLIC LANDS near the controversial timber sale.

For more information, check out: www.geocities.com/stoppeak/stoppeak

Call CFA at 503-241-4879 if you've got rides to offer, way more people need rides than there are cars being offered right now.

Ideas for forest activists 02.Oct.2002 12:08


I think the SHAC (Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty) campaign has some good
ideas. Whether or not
you agree with their ideology, they have been sucessful in getting juts about every
company that
does business with Huntington Life Sciences to quit. Why? Unending stream of
harrassment, phone calls,
faxes, emails to the company account, merchandise ordered to the company,
subscribing the companies
email accounts to about.com lists etc. The list goes on. Here is an example of a
strategy? They
call it "puppy Killer of the Week". Now, you can apply this to any company-timber
companies, biotechnology,
shitty landlords, etc.

Here it is and think about applying these very sucessful tactics to your campaign.
This was posted specifically in response to the forest campaign post which
encourgaed people
to call Zip-O Mills in Eugene. If they can't recive calls and do business because
everyone that is calling is
harrassing them, then perhaps that will have some impact on whether they feel OK
not canceling Fall Creek.

Some ideas from  http://www.shacusa.net

Every week a different company or individual associated with HLS is singled out to
phone, email, and fax blockades from anti-HLS campaigners around the country.
companies have severed their ties with HLS after being the Puppy Killer of the
Week due to
the sheer volume of calls, emails, and faxes from supporters calling, emailing, and
repeatedly. So forward this everywhere and play your part in closing HLS! If you'd
like to do
a disruption, demo, or other action against the Puppy Killer of the Week, go right


Take advantage of pay phones! Especially with Toll Free Numbers!

**** Get a black fax to send here (or you can just use a black piece of paper and
give your
target's fax machine a run for its money...or ink!):
you will need acrobat reader to download this. get it for free here:

**** A great way to block the number that you are calling/faxing from is to dial *67
BEFORE you dial the number. Great for sending black faxes! (Unfortunately doesn't
for 800 numbers)

Also...an idea suggested by one of our supporters:
I have discovered a toll-free and easy way to keep your targets' phone
lines blocked up. Comedy Central Inc. has a new television show about
prank phone calls, entitled Crank Yankers. On the Crank Yankers
homepage (which can be accessed directly through
www.comedycentral.com) is a tool called 'Crank-A-Friend.' All you do is
enter the target's phone number, name, e-mail address, and then your
own name and e-mail address (which can just be made up for discretion).
Within seconds, an irritatingly long phone call will arrive at the phone
number you specified. It is free to use, legal, and you can drive HLS and
their allies crazy with it, especially if done in unison.


After a campaign starts against a partner company of HLS, e-mail accounts that
are targeted
by SHAC are being blocked. Here is a "work around" that some supporters will find

Go to the company Web site and use the "contact us" button. Use an *asterisk*
(shift + 8)
to fill in the required fields . An *asterisk* is a "wild card" and the computer form
sees it as
text. Type or paste message in the comment area and send.

They won't block their company account because they need the business from the
web. We
can flood their customer e-mail and it's legal.


Some companies have put filters on their email systems that direct email with HLS
terms directly to the trash. Try taking out words like "HLS", "Huntingdon Life
"SHAC," "Animal Cruelty," etc.

**** For auto e-mailing, that uses encryption devices that masks who you are:

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