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Critical Mass, protests, and police: what questions would you ask of the PPD?

What questions would you ask, or what views would you express, if you were to meet with a member of the Portland Police management?
If you were going to sit down with Mike Garvey of the Portland Police Traffic Division to talk about police enforcement, what things would you talk about? I'll be meeting with him this week (if schedules work out) and have been thinking to myself that I would ask him about:

- pepper-spraying of innocent bystanders

- forcing the movement of crowds with unrealistic expectations

- using force when not provoked and it is not necessary for crowd control

- police driving motorcycles or cars the wrong way / driving into crowds / blocking streets, supposedly to promote "safety" and "traffic flow"

- police attempting to break up the September ride: "you have been riding long enough"

What would you add to this? I understand he has met with and will be meeting with others in the CM / activist community, he seems to be earnest about coming to an understanding with the activist community although this could just be PR.
CaptainPlanet; pretty good list 01.Oct.2002 21:38

Robin dancerdolphin@excite.com

The list that you have proposed is pretty good. Having just gotten home from attending the Citizen's Review Committee for the PPB, I would also add to the list;

"Are there a documented directives and procedures in place regarding use of force?"

As the PPB has a directive regarding officer identification, unless in so doing, it would endanger the officer, will there ever be accountability for any officers who either remove their nametages or refuse to idenify themselves?"

"Does the PPB plan on making preemptive arrests in peaceful protest situations as was done last weekend in D.C?"

lastly, semi-jokingly, "Is Cheif Kroeker aware, that if his position were an elected position, subject to community approval, he would likely already be the subject of a recall campaign, and that as he is not, the closest thing we can do is vote against those members of City Council who support him?"

Documented Directives Suggestion 02.Oct.2002 02:15

Cyclist Of Doom cyclist_of_doom@hotmail.com

In regards to the question on directives and procedures in place regarding use of force... the answer you get will be that individual offers have what is called a continuum, or matrix of force. This continuum or matrix does not only move linearly, (straight for the fuzz reading this), but can move from verbal to lethal depending on the response required by the officer to control a situation. This is a judgement call on the officer. Any level can be immediately chosen. We know this 'matrix' exists, that is not the issue. The issue is how does this [b]matrix interact with crowd control tactics[/b] that put the officers in a more aggressive position. Example: Mobile Infantry tactics for crowd control on hawthorne; this includes, quick movement and dismounting of riot police via cruiser, the use of motor cycles to force bicycles down (yes: while people are on them). And the use of motorcycles to control a mobile crowd. Specifically ask 'what are the procedures or directives regarding crowd control tactics when the crowd is mobile and moving down a road?' Specifically ask 'how are these tactics different from crowd control of stationary or marching crowds? Specifically ask 'can the matrix of force amplify in any direction due to the use of certain techniques which may increase stress on officers?' CoD

more things to ask 02.Oct.2002 12:07

fearful of pollice state

Ask him how we can ensure that officers will identify themselves in some manner, ESPECIALLY when they are wearing their darth vader gear.

Ask him whether he really has any intentions of taking your concerns seriously, or is he just there to co-opt u while the FBI is ransacking your house.

Ask him what the police were protecting, and who they were protecting it from on August 22nd.

Ask him how the police deal with group-think in their organization that might otherwise cause them to write off the citizens of this city if we are not dressed right, are not home in front of the tv instead of following our consciences to the streets, or if we object to the appearance of heavily armed, faceless, robot-like police troops on our streets.

Ask him how he can justify the use of chemical and other "less-lethal" weapons against the people of Portland for non-violent political dissent.

Ask him why the police are not bound by the same laws the rest of us are. (Ie, if I shoot pepper spray in your face because I don't like what u say, it's called assault.) (Or, for example, they can push us and shove us and hit us, but if we shove back we're charged with a felony.) Ask him why.

These are just the first things that popped into my mind when I read your posting. I think maybe i am getting bitter after too much pepper spray in my face, cuz i have always tried to see cops as people too. But i'm telling u, lately i am getting really pissed off.