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imperialism & war | political theory


"In all wars the object is to protect or to seize
money, property and power, and there will always be
wars so long as Capital rules and oppresses people."
- Ernst Friedrich, War Against War (1924)

POWER - People Opposing War, Empires and Rulers
email:  Socalpower@wearepower.org
phone: 949-436-1188
site:  http://www.wearepower.org

Title: "The Many Faces of War, An Anarchist Prespective on War"
Date: October 25 -27, 2002
Location: 4th floor of 1919 7th Street, Los Angeles CA

7:00 - Midnight: Opening Party, Hip Hop, Rap, along w/ Spoken Word

10:00-12:00 Workshops (see below for listing of confirmed workshops)
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-3:00 Workshops
3:30-5:30 Workshops
7:00-Midnight Rave/Dance Party w/ DJ, Benefit Show

10:00-12:00 workshops
1:00-2:00 LUNCH
2:00-7:00 Movie showing and outdoor activity at MacArthur Park,
events, street theater, Jazz music
8:00-Midnight Women's Bands and eclectic music Benefit show

*Most workshops will be translated into Spanish*
- ROTC/JROTC Recruitment - Mike Novick/ARA
- Colonialism & Racism - Mike Novick/ARA
- Aspects of Environmental destruction due to war - Candace
- Immigrants Know Your Rights - Los Jovenes
- U.S Foreign Policy - Frank Dorrel
- War and its effect on Unions - Jim Smith, LA Labor Council
- Tribal History of War - Ben Axiom
- US Military Intervention in South America - Don White/CISPES
- War and it's effect on Indigenous people of the Americas - Alianza
- Iranian Women's Movement Against War - Chantel, Maryam, Yassamin from
Iranian Women's Liberation Party & POWER
- The Fight for Palestine - Tamara & Garrick from International
- Afghanistan One Year Later - Afghan Women's Mission/RAWA
- School of the Americas - Blase Bonpane, Office of the Americas
- Zapatistas - Comite Zapatista De Los Angeles
- Globalization & War - POWER
- Post 9/11 effects on immigrants Rights - Hasan Hasan
- Anarchist History & War - Panel including Chris Crass, Ericka, Matt
- Actions against war & Imperialism - Alisa POWER
- Political Prisinors/Prisinors of War - ABCF LA
- Self Defense
- Direct Action/Civil Disobedience
- Challenging White Supremacy - Kerry Levenberg, Amie Fishman and Chris
- Indian & Pakistan Conflict - Liberation Alliance
- Women's perspective on War - POWER
- Campus Anti-War organizing - Afghan Students Union
- Iraqi Sanctions - Voices in the Wilderness & Nuclear Age Peace
- Plan Puebla Panama - Comite Zapatista De Los Angeles
- Border Issues
- Invest in Carring not Killing - Wages for Houseworkers

A three day event organized as a direct response to
educate and empower people to make informed decisions
about the many different war's being waged all over
the world. Totally FREE of charge. This conference is
an anarchist perspective on the different aspects and
types of war, and how it affects us ordinary people in
our daily lives. It will focus on growing political
repression due to war, racism, immigration,
patriotism, and also to promote community organizing,
direct action/civil disobedience, and anarchist
practices. As Anarchists we do not accept and refuse
to obey the racist war's the US military has waged or
is currently waging on people all over the world. This
is a conference in which we are able to come together
and speak to one another on what ordinary people can
do to promote an anti-war and anti-authoritarian
political movement within our own communities. We want
a better world, one without hierarchy, imperialists,
or empires. We want a new world, and we are hoping
that through education and action we are able to
achieve that common goal that binds us all together.

If you would like to be involved in this conference,
Help give a workshop/suggest a workshop, or help out
In any way please feel free to get in touch with us.
Volunteers are still needed. Or if you are in need of
housing, please contact:

email:  Socalpower@wearepower.org
phone: 949-436-1188
site:  http://www.wearepower.org

"...Ironically, perhaps, the best organized dissenters
in the world today are anarchists, who are busily
undermining capitalism while the rest of the left is
still trying to form committees."
--Jeremy Hardy, The Guardian (UK)

homepage: homepage: http://www.wearepower.org
phone: phone: 949-436-1188
address: address: http://www.wearepower.org