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Las movilizaciones Anti-ALCA en Ecuador

Del sala de noticias: Desde el 30 al 1 de noviembre de 2002 se reunirán en Quito, capital del Ecuador, cerca de 1000 empresarios que revisarán y harán propuestas el segundo borrador del Área del Libre Comercio de las Américas - ALCA e inmediatamente después se realizará la Séptima Reunión de Ministros de las Américas (pagina web oficial | programa) del 31 al 3 de noviembre en la que se analizarán las propuestas de los "únicos que tienen voz" para decidir el futuro de las Américas, los poderosos y sus cómplices- los actuales gobiernos de turno, menos el gobierno de Cuba.

Los movimientos sociales: organizaciones indígenas y campesinas, de mujeres, de pobladores, estudiantes de todo el continente han organizado las Jornadas de Movilización ANTI-ALCA que tendrán su gran epicentro en Quito pero que se multiplicarán en cada unos de los países del Continente Americano. [ Lee mas... ]

The FTAA Protests in Ecuador
From the 30th to the 1st of November, 2002, in Quito, the capitol of Ecuador, around 1,000 businesspeople will revise and make proposals regarding the second rough draft of the Free Trade Area of the Americas - FTAA, and immediately following this event the Seventh Ministerial Meeting of the Americas (official web page | program) will be carried out, from the 31st to the 3rd of November, where the proposals will be discussed of the "only ones who have a voice" in order to decide upon the future of the Americas, the powerful and their cohorts - the actual goverments of the moment, except Cuba.

The Social Movements: campesino and indigenous organizations, women, people from poor neighborhoods, students, people from all over the Continent have organized the anti/FTAA protests, which will have as their major epicenter Quito, but these actions will also be multiplied throughout the American Continent. [ Read More... ]

Radical Street Festival On Halloween in Portland
While thousands of landless workers, peasant farmers, environmental and labor activists converge in Quito, Ecuador on Oct. 31 to stop the FTAA meetings from tightening the grip of corporate greed around the earth and our throats, PORTLAND RISES UP IN SOLIDARITY!! [T]here will be a radical street festival beginning at 3:30 pm at Terry Schrunk Plaza on SW 3rd and Jefferson in downtown portland. Together, we will take to the streets to raise awareness about the FTAA and show solidarity with our brothers and sisters in latin america, and have a lot of fun doing it! There will be Costumes, Puppets, an old time band doing a squaredance, two marching bands including the Infernal Noise Brigade, a samba band, Hip-Hop, dancing, possibly some acrobats, street theatre, juggling, and whatever else you want to bring or do!

Come join us in the festive spirit of resistance to how the global elite would have us live. Represent with us the sense of liberation and equality that we envision for the western hemisphere and the rest of the world. Another America Is Possible. [ Read More... ]

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