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police / legal a22: bush protest

Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Filed Against the City of Portland

From the open publishing newswire: A press conference announcing the filing of a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city, the mayor, chief of police and up to 50 unnamed police officers for their violent actions against peaceful demonstrators on August 22 was held Friday at lunchtime in front of Portland City Hall. Among the 9 plaintiffs in the federal civil rights lawsuit are Don Joughin and Corrina Andrews and their young children Sophie, Kiernan, and Daschle. All of them, including the youngest, 10 months old at the time, were pepper gassed by Portland police officers while standing peacefully at 2nd Avenue and Alder Street on August 22, after being blocked in by the police. [ Read More... ]

AUDIO: The Press Conference, including questions and answers was a little under 20 minutes. This is the entire Conference, unedited. Though at about a half dozen occasions the audio stutters and skips a bit, it is clear and intelligible. [ Streaming audio | Read More... ]