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Bicyclist tickets SUVs for contributing to the destruction of the environment

From the open publishing newswire: Yesterday, unable to make the Noon gathering at Pioneer Courthouse Square, but still wanting to do something on my own, I decided how to take advantage of a "fake ticket" that I had been e-mailed on Friday before leaving for Critical Mass. Using a whistle, on my bike, I pulled in front of 6 large SUV's, successfully got them to stop, laid my bike down in front of them and then walked back to the driver. "Do you know why I stopped you? I am going to have to give you a ticket for contributing to the destruction of the environment, the health of the inhabitants of the planet and also as an addict to middle-east oil." Because what I did was SO ABSURD, I only received one negative response. 5 of the 6 drivers accepted the "ticket" and 1 even told me that she works in downtown and only uses her car to shop and recreate, the rest of the time using bike and public transit and was going to make copies of the "ticket" and give to others. [ Read More... ]