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Hundreds march in the street against War and Imperialism; Cops grab Indymedia reporter

From the open publishing newswire: Today's anti-war march was a pleasant change. While only a few hundred people at it's peak, today's anti-war march was loud, noisy and fun! Starting at Pioneer Square, people marched to the Federal Building, then back towards the Pioneer Place Mall. On the way, someone scaled a tree a hung a large "No Oil War" banner. When the crowd got to the mall, security guards locked it up tight, but someone found a side entrance. Several dozen protestors chanting "While you're shopping, bombs are dropping" did a few laps through the mall before trying to exit. They found the door still locked (isn't that some kind of fire hazard?). Eventually, one door was opened and folks continued on their way.

"Not my pResident, Not my war" Next stop Saturday market - hundreds of shoppers gawked as the rowdy crowd marched through the market. One of the street performers took up the chant and added a nice beat (where were the Portland drummers today?). Then most of the crowd hopped on the Max!! and headed over to Lloyd Center. The train was full of friendly faces, and folks shouted a loud chant before exiting. After gathering a few stragglers and having a little romp in the park's leaves, the crowd headed to the Army Recruiting station on Broadway. But they took a shortcut right through the Lloyd Center mall! It was pretty crazy, lots of folks out for a regular Saturday feast of consumption had to stop for a second, lean over the balconies and check out all the racket. Chanting, whistling, and the horde of Lloyd Center security guards ensured that everyone got the message.

After the mall, the crowd took back to the street for the short walk over to the Recruiting Station. Surprisingly, they were open for business, and folks headed in. The literature was rearranged a little, and some military posters were redecorated with anti-war messages. Protestors occupied the office for at least 20 minutes before heading back the park and disbanding. [ Read More... ]

Cops grab Indymedia reporter
After the recruiting station the cops grabbed an Indymedia reporter with a video camera. The reporter handed his camera over to a fellow indymedia activist, but the cops yanked it back, handcuffed the reporter, put him in the car, and drove quickly away. The crowd, which had been chanting, "Let him go!" returned to the MAX station and dispersed from there.
UPDATE: "word from a very reliable source is that he was released around 6:30p. i imagine he'll post a report soon. geez, a bunch of people disrupt recruiting office and they decide to take REPORTER. think that would have happened if he was wearing a KOIN-TV jacket? makes me sick." [ Read More... ]

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