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National March to Stop the War Against Iraq, Saturday 26

From Washington DC

"Thousands Upon Thousands Expected in DC, San Francisco This Weekend"

"As the Bush Administration angles for the power to maintain control in the Middle East, including the option for unilateral war, people across the United States are organizing and acting out in opposition. This Saturday, Oct. 26, tens of thousands of people are expected to converge on the east and west coasts -- in Washington, DC and San Francisco -- for anti-war demonstrations to stop the drive toward war with Iraq. The demonstration in DC is being organized by the International ANSWER coalition, while the actions in San Francisco are being coordinated by the United For Peace coalition."
For coverage look at: C-Span TV WPFW 89.3 is running regular live reports throughout the day from the protest against the Iraq war, by Pacifica.
[Washington DC IMC | San Francisco IMC]

Latest update from DC:
buses are still streaming in from New York City, 2 hours after the pre-march rally started. The roads into and in Washington DC are jammed with buses and the rally is already huge. [DC Newswire updates | Hear it live on streaming radio from KPFA]

Events in Portland:
A call to action from the newswire

"In solidarity with national mobilizations in DC and SF (see below). What's happening? Whatever you make happen! This is just a time for people to come together and express themselves however they want to. It's time to turn up the heat! We have marched in the streets, thousands strong. We have called Congress. But Bush is not slowing down in his drive to war. Let's take to the streets and let the policy makers know how we feel. People are encouraged to hook up with, form, or come with affinity groups and make this action your own. Do you have an idea for a creative action? Street theater? Civil Disobedience? Anti-War Art Party? Make it happen--call some friends and set it up. Thousands of people will be taking to the streets in DC and San Francisco on this day. If you are not heading out of town, head downtown around noon. [ Details