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First court victory for Sam Buck's Coffee of Astoria: Starbucks® injunction denied by U.S. District Court Judge

From the open publishing newswire: A hearing on September 30th, 2002 in U.S. District Court in Portland was heard regarding a preliminary injunction filed by STARBUCKS to prohibit Sambuck's Coffeehouse to use her business name in the interim (between now and the trial). The judge denied STARBUCKS injunction. The judge said "proceed with trial". No trial date has been set. The first court VICTORY for Sambuck's Coffeehouse. [ Read More... ]

Nearly two years ago, Samantha Buck of Astoria, Oregon, bought a small coffee shop and named it Sam Buck's -- after herself. A year later, StarbucksĀ® opened a store inside Fred Meyers, five miles away, and served Samantha with a cease and desist order demanding that she stop using her own name on her store because they claimed it was causing confusion for StarbucksĀ® customers. Samantha refused. [ Read more... ] On August 9, Samantha Buck was served a summons by StarbucksĀ®. [ Read more... ] On Friday, August 16, Portlanders stood in solidarity with Samantha Buck and demonstrated outside the StarbucksĀ® in Pioneer Courthouse Square. [ Full story and Photos ]

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