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Measure 27 Can Make US Less 'Crazy'

From the open publishing newswire: We can enact positive change only if people's brains are functioning fully. The food we eat enhances or detracts from our brain's ability to function. Allergies are more common today than ever. Many companies that play the biotech game are related to producing drugs that relieve the symptoms of allergies. Connect the dots and support Measure 27.

A few years back, Carol Simontacchi chronicled the way in which American's screw up their mental health by eating a nutrient-poor foods. Her research led her to the conclusion that the combination of artificial ingredients and lack of minerals were linked to many problems, including allergies and ADHD. As I've read this book to an at-risk population, namely my 5th grade class, I've had a revelation: We'll never get our country moving towards positive change until more are feeding their brains. Measure 27 may be the best way to start that process.

The biggest point Carol seems to make is that kid's, as well as adult's, brains, are functioning poorly because of their diets. [ Read More... ]

[ Vote Yes on 27 website ]