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From the open publishing newswire: TODAY=FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25th=CRITICAL MASS!!!! 5:30PM underneath the Burnside bridge on the downtown (west) side of the river, east side of Naito pkwy/front ave (right next to the river). FoodNotBombs is a-gonna feed us [if you get there at 5], and then it's TIME TO RIDE, BABY!!!! [ Read More ]

What is Critical Mass?
A comment to the story: Critical Mass is a monthly celebration of bicycles and a demonstration against automobile culture that started in San Francisco, California, ten years ago. Every last Friday, in cities around the world, hundreds (or even thousands) of bicyclists take over the streets of the city they live in with a free, fun, fabulous ride. Critical Mass is not an organization, and has no leaders; in fact, it's been described by participants as a "coincidence". Portland Critical Masses are often some of the largest and most enthusiastic in the U.S., and -- despite occasional police harrassment -- are safe, joyous events where people often take their kids. Haven't been to a Mass yet? Portland's a great place to do it! Tonight's Mass will celebrate Halloween, and many people will be showing up in costumes. It should be a great, colorful event.

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