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Bike Delivery Workers Stage Picket Line

from the open publishing newswire: Workers and supporters are staging a picket line at the Transerv Systems Dispatch. All but one transerv worker, who is on vacation, staged the picket line. Management, some for the first time in years, got on their bikes to do the work. Many supporters came to the picket line, activists in the anti-fascist movement, Cascadia Forest Alliance, and Seattle EF!, as well as workers from other delivery companies stopped by to show their support. Some workers seemed to almost be on strike as well. The company was dropping packages from a second story window on the side of the building so that the managers that are now doing the work wouldn't have to deal with the picket line.

The Picket line is at 310 SW 4th Ave. Till 5pm Today 8/17 and all day tommorow 8/18. Come down and show your support.

from another post on the open publishing newswire: As many of you are already aware, your same-day package delivery company, Transerv Systems, has been moving towards unionization. The efforts are grassroots, entirely worker-run, and all volunteer. Workers elected to organize with the Industrial Workers of the World, a directly democratic union. An official NLRB election was lost in August, due to the unexpected "packing" of the election vote with process servers all over the state of Oregon, many of whom own their own businesses.
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