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Columbia Helicopters Active at Peak Timber Sale

From the open publishing newswire: Although one week behind their scheduled arrival, Columbia Helicopters began operations at Peak on Monday, October 14, 2002. Columbia Helicopters is engaged in nefarious activities throughout the world. According to their website (www.colheli.com) they have become the world leader in helicopter logging, annually yarding more timber than any other company.

Columbia also works extensively in petroleum exploration. They work on oil operations in Papua New Guinea, Ecuador, Indonesia, Peru and the Sudan. No doubt indigenous cultures are being affected by this colonial, tyrannical exploration. Columbia Helicopters President Mike Fahey is a staunch advocate of BushÂ's Â'forest policy.Â' Fahey attacks the notion that thinning small diameter trees would help reduce the fuel load, Â"...radical naturalists posing as environmentalists tell us to perform minimal, if any, thinning...In trying to protect our forests, it is senseless to distinguish between trees with or without commercial value.Â"

Two tree-sits remain at Peak, one in each unit of the sale. In the ongoing struggle to end commercial logging on public lands, resistance to the Peak timber sale continues both inside and outside of the 700+ acre closure area. Forest Defenders are well and their spirits are high. [ Read More... ]

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