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Give Oregonians a Choice for Safer Foods

From the open publishing newswire: The mandated labeling of genetically engineered foods in Oregon has become a crucial national issue. If Oregonians succeed in passing Measure 27, we will be setting a precedent, one that Monsanto does not want to see. The coalition of heavyweight biotech companies called CropLife International, in conjunction with brand name producers such as PepsiCo, General Mills, and ConAgra Foods, has committed $6 million to defeat it, contracting with the prestigious Portland firm Conklin, Fiskum, and McCormick for media and public relations work, according to OÂ'DwyerÂ's PR Daily.

WeÂ've already seeing the results in glossy brochures, mailers, and television ads thick with misinformation put forth by hired "experts." Chief among the arguments we are hearing from the opponents, who call themselves the Coalition Against the Co$tly Labeling Law, are the grossly over-estimated projected costs, partly because they insist the measure will include food servers such as restaurants. Proponents of the measure point out that the terms "food service" or "food server" are not mentioned in the measure, and that major food retailers in the European Union (including Safeway) have reported no significant increase in consumer food costs because labeling of genetically engineered foods is required there. Thirty-five nations, with half the worldÂ's population, either require labeling of GE foods or ban them outright. [ Read More... ]

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