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ILWU Labor Dispute to Escalate - PMA forcing unsafe conditions

From the open publishing newswire: The Port bosses, represented by the Pacific Maritime Association is filing data with federal prosecutors today, which they claim will prove that the ILWU is engaging in a slow-down strike. On October 16th, US District Judge Alsop formally approved the 80 day "cooling off period" provided under the anti-labor Taft Hartley Act. Judge Alsop's order further forbids any strikes during the 80 day period.

The PMA hopes to force a speedup of the pace of work on the docks. The bosses claim that the pace of work has fallen off by 22%. The Judge's order requires that Dockworkers "work at a normal pace."

Longshore union representatives, however, state that ILWU members are working at the greatest speed consistent with the safety of the members. [ Read More... ]

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