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Lewis & Clark students voice opposition to Bush forest plan with banner drop at environmental symposium

From the open publishing newswire: At approximately 5:00 pm on Tuesday, October 15, students at Lewis and Clark College dropped a 25-foot banner reading "Don't Blame Forest Fires: Logging Destroys Forests" in protest of proposed U.S. Forest Service policies that would accelerate logging on public land. Four students climbed to the roof of the Templeton Student Center and unfurled the banner after Department of Agriculture Special Assistant to the Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment Merlin E. Bartz finished his presentation as a panelist at the college's annual Environmental Studies Symposium.

We're here to say that we don't support increased extraction of the remaining old growth in America under the guise of fire prevention" stated Rob Hopkinson, a student protester. Julie Engle, another student, said that "The Forest Service needs to listen to its own scientists, who have found that increasing logging actually increases fire danger. The proposed logging increases will heighten the danger of catastrophic fire for ecosystems and people." [ Read More... ]