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Homeless in Eugene-protest & tree-sit

From the open publishing newswire: Travler is doing wonderful By the way. He tells me that he has never eaten so good. We have had alot of supporters bringing him food, toys, reading materials, and stuff. Stuff is always good. My name is Khi. I am the president of the Eugene Homeless Initiative. We are a group of homeless people who have decided to solve our own problems. [ Full Story ] [ Background ]

Traveler's starvation diet
Wed Oct 16 '02 - 3pm Update
The Eugene Homeless Initiative has a homeless man named Traveler tree sitting for homeless rights. He has vowed to stay up in the tree at the park on the corner of eighth and oak for as long as it takes the city of Eugene to let us build our own legal camp site. A police officer named Jennifer curry has cut off Traveler's food and water . She has decided to starve him out of the tree. [ Full Story ]