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Support imprisoned SOA protester Chani Geigle-Teller

From the open publishing newswire: In July 2002, Chani Geigle-Teller was sentenced to 6 months in a federal minimum security prison and fined $1000 for her role in last year's national protest at School of the Americas (SOA) in Georgia. She entered Federal Prison Camp Dublin in September. As an activist, a former OregonPeaceWorks program assistant, and as a person, she is much loved by her community. During her trial, she received public support from the City Council and residents of Salem. Chani was one of many activists, who received six months sentences for speaking out against the brutal violence carried out by SOA graduates. Other Oregonians also protested at the SOA last year. Like all political prisoners, she deserves our support. Take a few minutes to write her a letter and let her know she is loved, missed, and admired.
Federal Prison Camp Dublin
Chantilly Geigle 90968-020
5775 8th St., Lamp Parks
Dublin, CA 94568
Salem Vigil/Rally This Thursday: Please Support Chani Geigle-Teller and speak out against an attack on Iraq every Thursday, 5:30-6:30 pm at the corner of High & Court in Salem

Benefit Dinner: There wiil be a Benefit Spaghetti Dinner & Dessert Auction to raise funds for this year's SOA Oregon Delegation. The event will be held at the First Congregational Church, 700 Marion St NE, in Salem. We will show the new SOAWatch video and provide an update on Chani. We also hope to provide musical entertainment. [ Details on all of the above ]

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