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Discussing Anarchism

From the open publishing newswire:"Begin with the thesis: Whenever possible and to the greatest degree possible, breakdown hierarchical state structures and construct participatory and equitable social institutions."
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"No matter what you think of Anarchists, any basic understanding of 19th and 20th century American history will illustrate the key role's they have played in labor struggles, peace movts, women's rights, birth control, civil rights, ecology and the critique of corporate globalization."
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[Webster defines Anarchy]
"You're the anarchists, tell me how it's done -- not that I don't understand the theory, not that I ought to read this or that, but tell me how these very basic government functions would be performed in a world without leaders."
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"In describing or defending anarchism, people have been providing some historical examples to show that it can really work. Unfortunately, I don't think the examples are relevant to our time or place in history."
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